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What do you do on your day off?

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Don't say you never get a day off! Maybe you work weekends, or have a hard time feeling relaxed when you're supposed to be "out of office." But no time off, ever? Not buying it.


So...let's define "day off" as any significant period of time during which you can 1) choose your preferred activity in a 2) non-stressful environment that requires 3) no connectivity to work-related email or other forms of communication that may rope you back into professional mode unless the the house is truly on fire. 


What do you do? Where do you go? How do you find that moment of restorative peace?

Level 2

My joy and relaxation comes from spending time with my husband and our adult children going to the beach or a mountain retreat.  This time allows us to connect without the distractions of the outside world.  My restoration is how we are able to help one another as we share our joys and sorrows from our individual lives.  The connection to sharing our joys and sorrows shows illustrates the love we have for one another.  After all, as humans we need to connect with one another.

Level 7

That's awesome, @Janet J! I totally agree that family and human connection is where we find the energy we need to drive our professional lives forward. What's been your experience as a small business/self-employed person in terms of managing stress levels on a day-to-day basis?

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I just entered the small business community after serving Fortune 500 companies since 1993!  Wow, what a different culture and I am enjoying the new landscape.  Managing stress has always been a challenge, but over the years I have learned that I need to spend a few minutes each day to reflect and find joy in each day. 

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Congrats on your new venture, @Janet J! I have to ask: What inspired you to pivot and begin working for yourself?

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I am not working for myself, I am actually supporting a small business.  My apologies.

Level 7

@Janet J, that's what we're all about here in QB Community. Welcome!

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