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What's Your One-Word Theme for May?

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Spring is traditionally a time of renewal and reinvention. What's your one-word theme for driving your business this month?

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My theme is "all in good time" - something to remember when I wish there were more hours of the day! Or, I guess, of May :-)

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MOMENTUM!!! (of course!) 

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LOL, @JulieatTheWELL - that's your theme all year long!


Women entrepreneurs, if you haven't yet done so check out Julie's "Momentum to $1 Million" group right here in QB Community. Top-notch business coaching offered FREE for our members!

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You know me @EmilyCowan!

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Meditate! Thanks to you, @JulieatTheWELL, I'm now protecting the first 15 minutes of my day to sit quietly before the madness begins! 

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That's a good one, @redrosestudios!! How do you measure growth? More clients? Expanding services? Hiring?

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@WillowOlder and @redrosestudios, you two are singing my song!!


GROWTH is my juice and MEDIATION keeps me calm in the pursuit... Love it! 


See you at Office Hours today?