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What's Your One-Word Theme for September?

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september.shutterstock.jpg Whether you're buckling down, ramping up, building out, or leaning in, September is often the month we begin to think about how we want to finish the year. Are you nearing your business goals for 2018 or do you still have a ways to go? What's the single word or phrase that's inspiring you this September? 

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Thus far, 2018 has been full of blessings, rewards, struggles, growth, & new opportunities. The next 4 months will undoubtedly be exciting! The rest of this year is about closing old doors & walking through new ones. Work is intoxicating when you're engaged and committed to your craft. On to the prospecting!! 

My inspirational phrase comes from Yoda; "Do or do not. There is no try." The power of thought is strong. Failure is only an option if you allow it to exist.

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No wrap up in sight!

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Last week we finally launched our QuickBooks Desktop Application, Vendorsync, so this month it is all about the demos!


Next Month, the word will probably be SLEEP :smileyvery-happy:

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 Way to go, Matthew  @ParkwayInc!  I know that was a huge accomplishment!  

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I work at PJCO Chartered Certified Accountants and we have been working very hard this year towards our QuickBooks Firm of the Future application in the hope that we are chosen as the best QuickBooks Pro Advisors in the UK. 


We are all keeping our fingers crossed for the results and we hope that success will be just around the corner. 

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Will back that up with crossing fingers!

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You go, @NancyCC!! What's your new business?

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Can I play @EmilyCowan? :)


In my world, SEPTEMBER is for SALES!


Actually, SALES is for every month :smileytongue:, but especially in September because everyone is super excited about being back to business. Plus, a super strong September can make all the difference in reaching year-end goals, so in a nutshell, it's time to SELL, SELL, SELL! 

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Looking forward to working with Team Players as an QBOA !  Aloha from Hawaii !  🌺

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