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When Giving Is Branding: Meet Lloyd Mabuto, Rockstar Web Designer & QB Community Member

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Name: Lloyd Mabuto

Business: Final Touch Lab

Founded: 2011

Lloyd Mabuto was just a kid when he first realized the power of images to convey a message. His dad, an NGO worker helping developing countries, would often ask Lloyd to create a piece of art to explain a concept without using words. In college, Lloyd discovered graphic design satisfied his dueling passion for art and software engineering. A professional graphic/web designer by trade, Lloyd loved helping people convey a message – and achieve their mission – through carefully placed words and images. After testing the waters as a part-time consultant, Lloyd dove in to become a full-time, self-employed web designer and brand consultant based in Chatanooga, TN.

What was the tipping point that inspired you to turn your “side passion” into a full-time business?

I found myself teaching clients about online marketing, and I wanted to find more opportunities to help and provide value. As I saw my clients’ business increase, I realized that was the direction I needed to focus on. I thought it would just be a day-to-day job to earn a living. I didn’t anticipate the success! For me, success means helping a lot of people and building meaningful relationships that are a core part of my brand.

What is your most effective way to get new clients?

I think lasting client relationships are built on trust. I show potential clients how they can unlock hidden profits in their business, engage better with customers and improve their systems. My current clients know if they are in a pinch, they can call me and say, “We only have a day to turn in this project.” They trust me to solve problems in moments of distress. My clients say, “This is a guy we will never let go.”

Another important part of my brand: I think of clients as more than just customers. They really become friends.

Lloyd_3.jpeg Please share your best marketing strategy or tip.

Here are two tips! First, every business needs an effective landing page to provide accurate information that isn’t overwhelming. Your website must be easy to navigate, and customers need to be able to place orders or contact you quickly.

Second, I recommend listing your business on sites like Yelp, Angie's List, Thumbtack, PRO Referral, Facebook, Craigslist and Google My Business. Reach out to local bloggers, too.

What is your most effective way to get new clients/customers?

I like to create a recurring offer and promote it on social media. Maybe it’s a discount code or a contest of some sort. You can take out a Facebook ad or reach people through Instagram or Twitter. I find there are only a handful of business owners who are really good at using social media, so competition is low. If you need help in this area, I recommend hiring someone to get you up and running.


How important is it for you to connect with other small business owners, for support, insight or inspiration?

It’s important. I’ve joined several business communities, but I have never found one as active as the QB Community! Everyone is generous with information about their experiences and where they are on their journey. One thing that attracts me to this site is the way it’s okay to be vulnerable. The QB Community feels like a safe place to communicate honestly and build one-to-one relationships.

Do you have any sage advice for budding entrepreneurs?

No matter what your professional goals are, always think first about giving. I believe when your mentality is to give first, you will soon start receiving, and your business will grow exponentially. Generosity is like gravity: It always comes back!


QB Community, we’d love to hear your story!

How do you build generosity into your brand?

Share in the comments below...

Level 6

I love your motto of giving first, @LloydMabuto. What a terrific way to send positive energy out into the universe. Terrific interview!

Level 7

Thank you for sharing your story, @LloydMabuto, and reminding us that the more we give, the more we receive! 

Level 6

Was just reflecting on some of the amazing businesses that have been built by giving to others: Tom's comes to mind for example. Are there others you can think of?

Level 2

So true in the nonprofit world too, Leslie!  Some amazing nonprofits started with someone looking at their community and saying, "How can we help these people?"  Even now, there are some wonderful social enterprises springing up to help people who can't find work.  In my community, there is a wonderful organization set up by refugees called Newcomer Kitchen. 

Level 6

@Clarise, first, I'm SO thrilled to see you in the QB Community. Yay! You were one of my faves from OWN IT and I'm thrilled you have joined us here. Welcome and thank you! Next, I LOVE your thoughts on the nonprofit and social enterprise world. It's a passion of mine. Thank you for sharing Newcomer Kitchen - what a wonderful organization!!

Level 2

 @LeslieBarber  Thank you for the kind welcome!  We'll just have to make it our personal mission to invite all the nonprofits and social enterprises here to the QB Community.  I happen to know that many of them use QB already and could use the energy and support of this group.  And they're fun to talk to.

Level 7

Hi @Clarise

I am so happy to see you here! It would be such a pleasure to have the experience and mindset of non-profits in QB Community. Let's pursue that mission. I love it!  

Level 5

What goes around, comes around, right?!? When my business was just getting started, I gave a "friends and family" discount whenever it made sense. Now that things are rolling along, I'm happy to help out great organizations who need my help, free of charge. It's more important for me to help out people or causes I care about than have a few extra dollars at the end of the day. And when people respond in kind (which they do!), I truly appreciate their generosity.

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