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You Asked & Community Answered: “Which Online Store Do You Prefer & Why?”

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You have questions about running a small business, and our QB Community members have answers! Everyone here knows the importance of building meaningful member-to-member relationships, and there’s no better way to learn, discover and get inspired as an entrepreneur. Best of all? When members share what they know, everyone benefits. Check out this recent QB Community conversation, and you’ll see what we mean!  


@AudreyPratt asked:If you have an online store, do you prefer ebay, Etsy or Amazon? And why?”




CK_A.gif @ALexRuf answered: “I used to sell my handmade beauty accessories on Etsy and Vinted. And a good friend of mine suggested that I set up a standalone website using a wordpress beauty accessories store theme. With my own website, my sales tripled and more. The key is to market your website and I use social media platforms for this purpose.”


CK_A.gif @Shahji answered: “Many clients of mine have a personal website and they also sell on Amazon or Ebay or Etsy, as well because they want to expand their market. Selling on multiple sales channels can increase profitability and reach. Hence, I might have to price my product higher to compensate for the fees associated with selling. But, as you know, Amazon or eBay are very big marketplaces and customer hits will be more on these rather than personal websites. So there are upsides and downsides.”


CK_A.gif @flowerteas answered: “I use Etsy for my loose leaf teas and vintage teacups and ebay for all the related items that aren’t allowed or don’t make sense in my etsy shop. I tried my own website but it took enormous amounts of time and in two months I only had two sales and one of those was to my mom. I do pay large fees to etsy and ebay but when I sell at my local farmers markets those costs are high too. If I had a brick-and-mortar I would have overhead expenses, so I like the flexibility of paying commission on actual sales to these big box platforms.”


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