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qbc_knows_What-fees-do-I-charge.gif You Asked & Community Answered: What Fees Should I Charge for Bookkeeping Services?

You have questions about running a small business, and our QB Community members have answers! Everyone here knows the importance of building meaningful member-to-member relationships, and there’s no better way to learn, discover and get inspired as an entrepreneur. Best of all? When members share what they know, everyone benefits. Check out this recent QB Community conversation, and you’ll see what we mean!  


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JTcarpentry asked: Hello, we are still a newer company but have been in business for 4 years, running as a sole proprietorship. Does anyone have some quick and simple advice as to why maybe an S corp would be beneficial to me?


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Each and every day, the inspiring self-employed folks in our QuickBooks Community remind us that entrepreneurs find their calling in their own unique way. Some can’t imagine ditching the security of a day job, while others give it up in a flash. We’ve met moms who tailor their career to fit their family life, friends who join forces to bring a business idea to life and sons and daughters who are carrying on family business traditions.

If you recognize your own entrepreneurial personality among these eight, let us know. Are you a different type altogether? Tell us more!


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