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Built Oregon has shone the spotlight on many of Oregon’s small consumer-product businesses (think: chocolate, kombucha, beer, coffee, hot sauce, jewelry and more) by offering an accelerator program and an annual festival. Another key promotional event is Little Boxes, a three-day, post-Thanksgiving shopping scavenger hunt where shoppers collect codes by visiting and purchasing from participating (small, of course) retailers. Then they enter the codes in the Little Boxes app for a chance to win prizes.


We spoke with Mitch Daugherty about why shopping local really matters and how he and Terry take an entrepreneurial approach to running their nonprofit: They learn what their target market wants and needs and then provide it.


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Natalie Cofield founded Walker’s Legacy, a digital platform for young, multicultural women to find mentors and access the resources needed to help them succeed in business.


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NWKK_jillandlauren.jpg Lauren (left) and Jill (right) at one of NWKK’s annual fundraisers, Strut Your KidneyKidney disease isn’t curable, and families of children with kidney disease will spend months at a time in the hospital, followed by years of managing daily treatment. It’s exhausting and scary, which is exactly why such families need support from people who understand what they’re going through. Northwest Kidney Kids, an Oregon-based non-profit, connects families affected by kidney disease at their annual summer Kidney Kids Camp. This important event is free thanks to two yearly fundraisers -- a gala ball and a fun run.

Jill Brown and Lauren Lynn are especially suited for working at NW Kidney Kids  because they both have young children with kidney disease. We spoke with these two women at the start of National Donate Life Month to learn more about planning fundraisers and the very important reasons why they do this work.


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Seattle-based entrepreneur Erin Williamson believes in supporting women workers, and she absolutely puts her money where her mouth is. As the owner of Pier Coffee, a cold-brew coffee company, she sources her beans from woman-owned or operated farms. And as the co-founder of a nonprofit called Engender International, Erin works to protect and promote women at every stage of the supply chain.

We spoke with Erin about both her businesses, operating a mission-driven company and why economic stability is so very important for single moms and women in developing countries.


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