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suzannedaniel24 has earned 8 badges!
  • Answers
    ‎June 02, 2020
    Earned by 1,461
    One of your replies has been accepted as a solution. Thanks for the help and congrats on your first accepted solution!
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    Conversation Starter
    ‎June 02, 2020
    Earned by 110,234
    Hats off for starting your first discussion in the community!
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    5 Conversations
    ‎June 02, 2020
    Earned by 1,293
    You have started 5 new discussions in the community. Thanks for your continued participation and we hope you keep the conversation going!
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    10 Conversations
    ‎June 02, 2020
    Earned by 282
    Well done! You've started 10 topics! You continue to invite the community to share their insights.
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    First Reply
    ‎June 02, 2020
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    Your voice was heard. Your opinion matters. Congrats on your first post.
  • 5 Replies
    5 Replies
    ‎June 02, 2020
    Earned by 4,552
    You're on a roll. You have posted 5 times to the conversation.
  • 10 Replies
    10 Replies
    ‎June 02, 2020
    Earned by 1,251
    Keep up the great work. You have posted 10 times to the conversation.
  • Contributor
    ‎June 02, 2020
    Earned by 865
    Engage 30 times in any way - start a discussion or comment!