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Each and every day, the inspiring self-employed folks in our QuickBooks Community remind us that entrepreneurs find their calling in their own unique way. Some can’t imagine ditching the security of a day job, while others give it up in a flash. We’ve met moms who tailor their career to fit their family life, friends who join forces to bring a business idea to life and sons and daughters who are carrying on family business traditions.

If you recognize your own entrepreneurial personality among these eight, let us know. Are you a different type altogether? Tell us more!

The Opportunity Grabber

You see a niche -- or a gaping hole -- in the market, and you know you’re the one to fill it. You think outside the box and imagine new ways of doing things to appeal to today’s 21st-century customer. You’re outgoing, enthusiastic and you know how to get others excited about your ideas.

You’re in good company: Meet Scott Wolfe CEO of zlien, Jennie Nigrosh of The Green Garmento, Leslie Barber of NutraBella and Cozy Friedman of SoCozy Professional Hair Care for Children

The Do It My Way-er

You learned a particular set of skills at a workplace or in school, and you always knew you’d be happier working on your own, in your own way. You are your own best boss and prefer answering to no one else. You enjoy the flexibility of working for yourself, even if it sometimes gets lonely. Connecting with other entrepreneurs is a great way to refresh!

You’re in good company: Meet Maggi Simpkins Fine Jewelry, Gregg Miele of Heart & Soul Gym, Hanna Broer Designs and Lynda Artesani Bookkeeping

The Legacy Carrier 

You grew up in a family of entrepreneurs who taught you everything you know about running a business. You’re keeping the family company going while also bringing in fresh ideas and resources. With years of experience and an innate knowledge of a particular market, your valuable insights make you a natural mentor for the next generation of business owners.

You’re in good company: Meet Scott Beylik of Beylik Family Farms and Jimmy Gallagher of ASAP Construction

The Creative Maker

You have your own artistic vision and know how to execute what’s in your imagination. Whether you’re making pottery, music or candles, you find deep fulfillment in your creative work. Sometimes making the leap from creating to earning is a struggle, but you’re used to thinking outside the box, so you always make it work.

You’re in good company: Meet Gopi Shah Ceramics, singer/songwriter Willa Amai, graphic designer Fabienne Wente and jeweler April Hall

The Accidental Entrepreneur 

You were minding your own business, enjoying a hobby or honing a skill when people started telling you, “You should do this for a living!” Before you knew it, you quit your day job, and your side-hustle turned into a full-blown business. Now you’re fully entrenched in an operation of your own making. Maybe you took a crash course in marketing and business accounting to ‘keep your company on track. Now that you’re over the shock of becoming a sudden entrepreneur, you found it suits you to a T!

You’re in good company: Meet Sadie Scheffer of Bread Srsly, Gina D’Orazio of Gina Cucina, Eric Szeto of Shades of Sugar and Kirk Wells of Whiskey Oak Seasonings

The Fresh Starter

You were working for The Man for years when you began to suspect it wasn’t your true path to happiness. You wanted something more. You did some soul-searching, talked to some trusted advisors and decided to make a fresh start with your very own business. Now, with a successful company and regular clients, you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

You’re in good company: Meet Lee Weinstein of Weinstein PR, Travis Troyer of Basik Candle Co. and Sherrie Bainer of GRACEDBYGRIT

The Parent-Innovator

Like a lot of new parents, you took some time off work to spend with your family and realized you wanted job flexibility all the time. Since having kids changed your entire daily schedule, you created a gig that worked for your family and for you. Maybe you’re a freelancer, putting in hours when you you can, or perhaps you opened a kid-friendly biz that lets you keep kid-friendly hours. However you achieved the work-life balance, you love it --  and, despite all the hard work, you know it makes you a happier person all around.

You’re in good company: Meet Nikki Bell of Domestic Divas, Erica Voges of Caustic Threads, Kari Browne, former owner of ELK and LARK cafes, Julie Gordon White of consulting firm The WELL and Olivia Howell of Howell Social Media

The Partner(s) 

The pair (or more) of you came up with a plan, and then you (and you and you …) made it happen! You’re each other’s biggest fans, and you and your teammate have unique skills to balance the partnership and help your business thrive. Together you weather business ups and downs, shoulder the burdens and bask in the victories. In short, you can’t imagine building and growing a business with anyone else!

You’re in good company: Meet the women of TINSEL Experiential Design and Lucy & Nadia of Luna Stationery


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QB Community members, do you recognize yourself in any of these personality types? Tell us in the comments!

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