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I'm new to QuickBooks and using it for a Non Profit Organization.  I need help in understanding the Detailed Profit and Loss Statement for Last Month, November. The organization does not sell anything, income is from membership dues.  Several transaction in the same deposit are showing up under different Income accounts, they need to be under the same account heading, which is DUES RECEIVED 

How do I make the change or the correction, I would like to close out November. Thank you, Margie Barton

Profit and Loss Detail Report  - November

Date                   Trans Type    Num   Name          Class          Memo             Split                                         Amount 

Ordinary Income/Exp


Dues Received

11/27/2018        Invoice        1023    McCord     M & G         Dues           Account Receivable (A/R)          35.00


11/27/2018        Invoice         2011   Abney        M & G          Dues          Account Receivable (A/R)         40.00