Am changing a very small non-profit from cash basis to accrual and am adding classes.  Am using their 2018 QB Pro.  I have a very different chart of accounts.


I think I want to upload the new chart of accounts as a new company starting Jan 2019. I can put the Yr End balance sheet balances in and add my numbers of liabilities and fixed asset.  


I can't figure out how to enter 12 YTD rev and expense balances from 2018 fiscal year so that they can see comparative financials statements with 2018 recast in the 2019 accrual income statement.  

The other option is to merge and renumber the old chart of accounts and add in the new acct numbers and then change from cash to accrual.  That seems like a very long process and really doesn't address the issue of having to restate some of the acct balances to comply with accrual accounting.


Sorry, I don't see a note on this in the lookups.  Ideas?