Level 1
After using QBO for one year, I have a few enhancements for the team to consider in the future: 1. Would love to have routines in QBO include basic setups in a time activity entry that do not change unless I choose to change them, such as hourly rate, current date, and service, if a company is doing a limited variety of invoicing and most of the invoice stays the same for all. We invoice once a month and do two types of invoicing: fixed hourly rate billing and cost reimbursements. 2. In a Time Activity Entry, would love to have the ability to choose or to auto-skip to only the fields I always use, and to automatically go to the first field in the next Time Activity window after saving one. Right now, I have to hit enter 5 times after saving a time activity in order to get to the date field for the next time activity entry. 3. Finally, when creating the invoice for each customer, have the option to print all invoices with the current date printing on them, rather than the date the invoice was created in the system. Thanks a ton for allowing users to have a forum to suggest enhancements to QBO's system. CMB