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Thank you so much Elisabeth for sharing your raw truth. I can completely understand the depression as well as the anxiety. I especially can relate to the "making work for myself" as well at the being married, although I have two children and a dog. However, that loneliness can be overwhelming when the kids are in school, the husband is at work. And you have no one to chit chat with or no one that you can befriend. 


This QB Community has become extremely helpful and important to me because it gives me a sense of belonging and I can check it no matter the time or day. In addition, it has provided me the courage to step out: join different professional groups, attend live events to meet "real people"and volunteer at different community events.


I am keenly attentive to my mental health as some of my family members have had battles with mental health. I have also loss two brothers to suicide (2009 and 2016). So I do mental health checkups for myself REGULARLY. I think that it is important to note that although solopreneur is exciting and we do experience the ups and downs being mindful of our mental state, understanding when and if we need to back away is vital to our business. Especially since, as you have already noted one can have a really great week or months and then it can really be low. It is all about finding the balance. Once we have learned to be great jugglers we soar.


I am a volunteer/advocate for suicide prevention awarenss and I tell everyone I come in contact with "YOU ARE NOT ALONE"; find your tribe. Embrace your tribe.