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G’day and welcome!


If you’re new here you might be wondering what exactly the QuickBooks Community is all about. Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about our community, including how to get the most out of your community experience. Plus, we’ll go over some basic dos and don’ts.


Why we built the QB Community  


Whether you’re a small business owner with big business dreams or a bookkeeper or accountant trying to help your clients grow we understand that a bit of support can go a long way. But, we also know that there’s a lot of information out there, sometimes conflicting information, and this can be overwhelming, confusing and really just unhelpful.


We want you to be able to escape the racket caused by information overload.  


We’ve created a hub for real conversations where our members can share real stories about their adventures—and misadventures—in entrepreneurship. We’re nurturing a community that values listening, learning, supporting and exchanging ideas, and a community where QuickBooks experts can share their expertise with others struggling to get a grip on it.  


We’re a supportive place


We’re not about pretending the small business life is easy. Nor are we living in a fantasy where everyone has the time or skill set to become bookkeeping or accounting experts. Our community is made up of people from all walks of business-life with completely different experiences and depths of knowledge. Here, no question is a dumb question and no one person has the answers to everything. Here, we welcome all sorts of queries with open arms and open minds.   


We encourage celebrating, commiserating and championing. We want you to feel comfortable and supported as you openly and honestly share the ups and downs of life as a small business owner or bookkeeper or accountant.


Meet the team


We have an awesome team on hand to help you out and make sure things are going well. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know and we’ll do our best to make sure matters are sorted in the nick of time. Meet the team today!


QB Community guidelines


We’ve put together a few community dos and don’ts that reflect our values. We appreciate every community member keeping these in mind.


Do this:

  • Be yourself: Each individual is unique and we appreciate that! We encourage you to be your authentic, curious and honest self.
  • Tell your story: The more experiences shared, the more the entire community benefits. Whether you’re posting about an entrepreneurial high, struggling with business blues or something in between, let the community hear all of it.
  • Share what you know: It’s been said before but there really is no such thing as a dumb question, especially not here! Every question, idea or comment you contribute is a valuable part of our shared learning experience and helps us build our collective knowledge base.
  • Accept other points of view: Along the path of building a business it’s guaranteed that you’ll encounter a difference of opinion, strategy or perspective somewhere along the way. We’re committed to maintaining a positive, respectful environment, whether we agree or disagree with someone else’s approach.
  • Voice your concerns: If a discussion topic, comment or post upsets you in any way, please reach out to your QB Community hosts straight away. We’re here to ensure your experience in the QB Community is positive and supportive. To bring something to our attention, select the 3 vertical dots next to a question or comment. Then select the option to "Report Inappropriate Content".   

Don't do this:

  • Engage in an unhealthy debate: All communication needs to be in the spirit of maintaining a safe and supportive community. We don't love (and won't tolerate) antagonistic critiques and personal attacks. If a post, comment or response doesn't help move a conversation in a positive direction, it will be removed. 
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We have some more general dos and don’ts about using this community and all other relevant pages, please refer to the AU Terms of Service. Any violation of the terms of service can result in a corrective action, from a gentle warning to a permanent ban from the community.


Build connections, share stories, learn something new and feel inspired. 


Experienced Member

convert proforma invoice to standard invoice


One of my customers that I invoice all the time asked me to fix an invoice because it was showing up as a proforma invoice.  not sure how this happened because all invoices before it and after it are standard invoices.  I can't see a way to change the invoice type within quickbooks as it looks like a standard invoice.  It's not until you print or view it that it looks like a weird proforma invoice with another total showing way above the invoice total.

Is there a way to fix this or do I have to delete it and recreate it using the correct form/template?  If I have to re-create it, is it possible to dictate to quickbooks what the invoice number will be?

cheers Mike


QuickBooks Team

Re: convert proforma invoice to standard invoice

Maybe the wrong template was used when printing the invoice, Mike.


Before we delete and recreate the invoice, let's try switching it to the correct template first.


Here's how:

  1. Open the invoice that you're having issues with.
  2. Click Customize at the bottom.
  3. Select Edit current.
  4. On the Design tab, click Dive in with a template.
  5. Choose the template you'd like to use for the invoice.
  6. Click Done.

Then, proceed with reprinting the transaction by clicking Print or Preview within the invoice. If your customer still finds the invoice with a proforma style, please follow these steps to delete and recreate it:

  1. Open the invoice, and then click More at the bottom.
  2. Select Delete.
  3. Click Yes when prompted.
  4. If the invoice has been paid, delete the payment as well by following the same steps.
  5. Then, click the Plus icon, select Invoice and reenter the transaction.

Just leave a reply if you're still having the same issue. I'll be around to give you more steps.