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Fix "The report you are attempting to create may not display..."

Learn how to resolve "The report you are attempting to create may not display due to its large size and volume of data" when you run a General Ledger report in QuickBooks Online.

It is common for you to see errors like this when you run General Ledger reports because of their file size. This is QuickBooks Online’s limitation as an online application.

Before proceeding...

.Export the General Ledger report to Excel. A simple export usually works with display issues since QuickBooks Online can export more information to a spreadsheet than it can display.

If you still get the error or if the spreadsheet is still not showing the report completely, you need to create a series of reports (by account, period, or any other filter), export them to Excel, then combine them into a single report within Excel.

  1. From the left menu, select Reports.
  2. Look for the For my accountant section.
  3. Select General Ledger.
  4. Set the date for the report period, then select Run report.
  5. Select Customise, then select the Filter drop-down.
  6. Mark Distribution Account, then choose All Cash and cash equivalents Accounts from the drop-down.
    I want a report for a Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss account.

    To run General Ledger reports for your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss accounts, just choose the appropriate option:

    • Assets - All Asset Accounts
    • Liabilities - All Liability Accounts
    • Equity - All Owner's equity Accounts
    • Income - All Income Accounts
    • Expense - All Expenses Accounts
  7. Select Run report.
    Note: Select Save customisation to access the same report easily. Make sure to use a descriptive name.

Where can I find the report?
From the left menu, select Reports. Go to the Custom reports tab, then select the report.

  1. While on the open report, select the Export icon beside Print.
  2. Select Export to Excel.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all the reports you want to combine.
  4. Use the tools in Excel to combine worksheet information.

For more information on report limitations, see How do I fix a report that is too large to display?

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