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Added a new bank account, Issues with Bank Account form not displaying

Hi Members,


When I added the bank account when setting up QB, we were not able to print off the bank authority form.

Now the screen just shows a box stating - Your new connection will be ready 10 working days after the forms posted. There is an option to reprint the form, but when you click on it, a blank screen comes up.

Anybody else seen this issue?  How do I resolve it?




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QuickBooks Team

Added a new bank account, Issues with Bank Account form not displaying

Hi there, Jarrod.


The blank screen can be caused by too much cache or a browser issue. 


I'll share with you a couple of steps on how to resolve common unexpected issues when working in the Online Banking screen in QBO. Start by using an incognito/private browsing session just in case the same issue appears. Use these keyboard shortcuts to initiate an incognito browsing session:


  • Ctrl Shift N  for Google Chrome
  • Ctrl Shift P  for Firefox
  • Control Option +if you're using Safari
  • Ctrl Shift P for Microsoft Edge

You can also delete cache or use any of browsers that I've enumerated above. They all work well with QBO. 


Once done, open the form again to check if you're able to see the details and print it. After successfully connecting your bank, you can open this article and follow the steps on how to match and categorise the downloaded transactions: Categorise And Match Online Bank Transactions In QuickBooks Online


You can also add a reply below if you still need more help with your banking transactions.