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Linked Bank accounts

When I refresh a linked bank account it is 4 days behind. How do I fix this?

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Linked Bank accounts

Hello there, mark2100.


Let me share some insights on how online banking works in QBO.


Your financial institution controls how and when the transactions are sent/received by QuickBooks Online. Once there are available transactions, the program downloads them on a nightly basis. 


If you've noticed that you're no longer getting the latest available transactions, you can manually update your bank connection. Just follow the steps below:


  1. Go to the Transactions or Banking menu.
  2. Select the Banking tab, then choose the appropriate bank account.
  3. Click Update, then enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) code if asked.
  4. Click Continue update.

If the issue persists, I'd recommend opening your QuickBooks account in a private window to further isolate the issue. There are times that stored cache and cookies in the browser cause sync issues and delays in the program. There are the shortcut keys:


  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Safari: Command + Option + P

If the transactions are now showing, you'll have to return to your main browser and clear the cache. This deletes the junk files and enhances your browsing experience. Switching to other supported browsers can also help fix the problem.


Lastly, here are some resources interviewing will guide you in reviewing the downloaded bank transactions: Categorise and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Be sure to tap me if you need more help in managing your bank accounts and transactions. Have a great day!

Level 1

Linked Bank accounts

Thanks but can I add certain dates to import or will it double up on what I’ve already entered?


Linked Bank accounts

Hi mark2100,


Thanks for your response. If you're doing a manual update, bank transactions will be automatically downloaded and if a transaction is already added in QuickBooks Online, you can exclude it to avoid duplicate entries. 


Here's how: 


  1. On Transactions tab, select Banking.
  2. Select the affected bank account, then in the For Review tab, tick the duplicate transactions. 
  3. A black box will appear at the top of all transactions, showing how many are selected. Select Exclude
  4. To permanently remove these transactions from QuickBooks, select the Excluded tab, then select the tick box to the left of the Date column to tick all transactions. Select Delete.


For your reference, you can also check on this article: How to remove duplicate bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Feel free to drop a comment below if you need further assistance. Have a great day!