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Switch between Business and Accountant view in QuickBooks Online

Learn more about each view and how to switch between them.

In QuickBooks Online, there are two user views: Business view and Accountant view. You can switch between them anytime. Changing views doesn't affect your accounts or data.

We recommend Business view if you're brand new to accounting. It simplifies your workspace so day-to-day tasks like sales and billing are easier. This lets you do your accounting without learning complicated steps or processes.

If you have accounting experience or want complete control over features, use Accountant view. It uses standard accounting language. Accountant view is what you're used to seeing if you've used QuickBooks Online for a while.

The main difference is the appearance. Feature, menu, and button names are different in each view, but the actions are identical in most cases. Some features are only available in certain views:

  • The Cash Flow chart is available in Business view.
  • In Business view, the menu is set up to help you run your business more efficiently.

Switch between Business and Accountant view

Based on what you tell us when you first set up QuickBooks, you'll start in either Business or Accountant view. To switch views:

  1. Select Settings ⚙.
  2. Select Switch to Business view or Switch to Accountant view.

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