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Paypal bank feed Reconciliations

Client has PayPal connected via bank feeds. Bank account has been reconciled and transfers all seem correct. My PayPal wont balance through. There is 3000 transactions per month so its a lot of work to go through it one by one. Ive taken into account Chargebacks.. Help! Does anyone have any shortcuts? Which Paypal report do you reconcile to?
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Steven_Product Champion
QuickBooks Team

Paypal bank feed Reconciliations

Hi Kathmac1511, 


When reconciling any bank account a step that can be overlooked is confirming if the account has an Opening Balance reconciled in it's Account History.


Whilst it may not be common for a PayPal account to begin with an opening balance in general, as it may be $0, when reconciling it is important to have this zero sum in place anyway. This also applies if there is a dollar amount opening balance which is missing on the account. 


By going to your Chart of Accounts, then selecting the Account History for your Paypal Account. Up the top, select the Date ▼column, which will change the dates in order of oldest to newest. Confirm here if you see a transaction attached to a Opening Balance Equity account and that it has a R for reconciled.


If instead in it's place is a normal transaction it would be best to manually create this opening balance. I would encourage you to use this really helpful step-by-step guide to create this opening balance for the PayPal account, by clicking here.


Please let me know if you know already that a opening balance is reconciled in the PayPal account but you are still having issues reconciling the account.