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Add a new client in QuickBooks Online Accountant

Learn how to add a client in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Keep track of all your clients in one place. To get started, find out if they’re already subscribed to QuickBooks Online or not. We've got you covered in either case.

Note: QuickBooks Self-Employed is only available in United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

Add a client who doesn't have QuickBooks Online

You can choose a QuickBooks Online subscription that best fits your client's needs when adding them to your client list. If your client doesn't want a subscription, you can still add them for tracking purposes. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Clients menu, then select Add client.
  2. Select if your client is a Business or an Individual.
  3. Enter their business info. You can select Add more info if you want to enter more details.
  4. On the QuickBooks subscription, choose the option you want. To see the difference between each plan's features, select Compare products.

    Note: You can only add the wholesale billing discount for new QuickBooks Online subscription during this step.

    • Wholesale discount - When you add a new QuickBooks Online subscription on behalf of a client, your firm is billed for this client’s company and you receive a steep discount for the lifetime of that subscription.
    • Direct discount - Your client pays for their own company. They’ll receive a discount on the first 12 months of their subscription. After 12 months, they’re billed at the normal rate.
    • No subscription - Use this for clients that don't have a QuickBooks Online subscription, but you still want to see in your client list. You can always add a QuickBooks Online subscription to this client at a later time.

  5. Select the checkbox if you want to be the master admin of the QuickBooks file. If not, leave it as is.
  6. Review all the info, then select Save.

Add a client with existing QuickBooks Online

If your client already has a QuickBooks Online plan, have them invite you as an accountant. When you accept their invitation, they're added to your client list. This also gives you access to their company. Here’s how:

  1. Ask your client to invite you as an accountant.
  2. Open the email you received from your client.
  3. Select the User ID you recognise as yours. This will direct you to the sign-in page.
  4. Enter your password, then select Accept Invitation.
  5. Choose the accounting firm you want to use.

    Note: If you select your firm and nothing happens, open the sign-in page using incognito or private mode. If the issue persists, learn what to do if you can't accept an accountant invitation.

  6. On the success page, select Continue.

If your client’s subscription is already receiving a wholesale billing discount from a different firm, they can still get yours once the old firm removes them. Make sure you complete the transfer within 60 days to be eligible for the discount. Learn more about transferring wholesale billing between firms.

Tip: You can add a client as a customer if you don't want their QuickBooks Online company showing from your client's company list.

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