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Get started with Practice Management

Learn how Practice Management works in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Practice Management is a feature designed to help you log and track you and your team's work that gets displayed under the Work tab. We'll show you how it works.

Only you and your team can create a project. Use this to represent the hefty body of work, like year-end taxes, and then break it up by adding individual tasks to track each task you need to do to complete it.

To learn more, see How to schedule and track your work with projects and tasks.

To add a new work:

  1. From the left menu, select Work.
  2. Select Create client request or Create project. Note: Your Client Request is sent directly to your client's QuickBooks and appears in their My Accountant tab. You may also ask your client to enter data, provide you information, or send you a document. See Collaborate with clients using the Work tab for more information.
  3. When you select either Create client request or Project, a panel opens where you can enter details.
  4. When your project or request is ready, select Save. You can view and track it on the Work tab.

Here's how you can track your client's projects and request.

  • Filter the display view to show tasks, projects, and requests.
  • You can see a column for work due today (including overdue work), and columns for work due this week, next week, or within 30 days.
  • You can see completed items, items due more than 30 days, and overdue items more than 90 days old under list view. In grid view, you can edit a project’s due date and its completion status directly into the project’s tile. To edit, select Client's Request to open tile.

Note: You can no longer modify a client's request once it's sent, though you can add a comment or delete the request. Select the request to add comments or delete it.

List view displays every open project, task, and request you have.

Below Create project are icons (grid, list, and calendar) that allow you to switch between view types.

  • Use Grid view to show today’s task, within the week, and the month.
  • Use a List view to show more detailed info about your project, task, and request.
  • The Calendar view allows you to look at your records from the start and end date for a task.
  • Select the icon that resembles a bulleted list to see your work in list view.
  • Select an item’s line in list to edit.

Under Work are three dropdown menus. Use one of these to filter the items on the page.

You can set these filters to show you the following:

  • Work for a particular client
  • Work assigned to a particular team member
  • Items of a specific type such as project, request, or task
  • The status of the work (this filter is exclusive to List view)
  • Due Date (this filter is exclusive to the list and calendar view)

The From QuickBooks toggle button only appears in grid view. When enabled, it shows tasks you may need to complete based on information in your client's QuickBooks company. It shows you a tile when your clients has any of the following:

  • Upcoming payroll that needs to be run
  • Bank transactions that need to be categorised

These tiles behave differently from projects or requests. They disappear when completed and can't be seen at all in list view.

Duplicate projects can help:

  • Make a copy of an existing project and use it as a template to quickly create new work items.
  • Duplicate tasks underneath that project, which you can remove or edit as necessary.

To learn more about duplicating projects, see How to schedule and track your work with projects and tasks.

Use Repeat function to save time creating projects you do on a regular basis.

See How to schedule and track your work with projects and tasks to learn more.

  • Although any member of your firm can access the Work tab, they can only see items for clients that they were granted access to through Team tab.
  • As long as a user has access to a client, they also have the full ability to edit any work items for that client.

Practice Management is a new feature with plenty of room for changes and additions. We would love to hear your thoughts.

To send us feedback on Practice Management:

  1. Select Settingsin QuickBooks Online Accountant.
  2. Select Feedback.
  3. Enter the feature, change, or fix you'd like to see.

We'll use your input to shape the future of Practice Management to serve you and your clients better.

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