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Moving to Quickbooks

We intend moving to Quickbooks at the beginning of July.


Please will you advise on the following:


-- Data that will be migrated across and number of FY's

-- I understand this is a free service. Is there a limit to the number of records that can move across.

-- Please advise the time frame to migrate from one system to the other

-- Bank Feeds - We bank with NAB Connect. Is this account compatible with your bank feeds.

-- Please can you provide more information regarding the class functionality in QB. I understand this is similar to Jobs in MYOB.

-- Timeframe to migrate across and next steps required from us to transfer data. Can we start customizing forms prior to the migration period.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Moving to Quickbooks

Hi Koala,


Love your questions! I will try my best to answer them.


- Please refer to our "Bring your data" page ( on what data can be migrated.


- Intuit covers the cost for 1 FY worth of data to be migrated. For additional cost per financial year, please refer to our conversion form. (


- I would encourage you to check with our conversion partner Odyssey Resources on the timeframe. Usually, it would depends on how much data you are bringing to QBO. Here is their inquiry email for QBO conversion, which is also listed on the conversion form. (


- NAB bank feed is supported by Quickbooks Online. Please refer to this article for more information. (


- Here is a quick introduction to our Class (and Location) function. While it works similarly to Jobs in MYOB, there are differences, so please check it out. (


- Again, best to check with Odyssey Resources on the timeframe and you can always kick start the process from the migration form listed above. However, I would not recommend starting to work on your QBO file before Odyssey Resources completes the conversion, as they will purge the file before commencing the conversion.


Hope these help, and please let us know if you have any other questions.

Level 3

Re: Moving to Quickbooks

Thank you very much for you extensive answers and lot of links which I will enjoy reading.


One more question (for now)..


Is it advisable  to migrate at the beginning of the FY or does this not really make a big differnence?


And is there any way we can set up default templates (for all invoices etc etc) prior to migration of data and thereafter import them once migration has taken place and we all ready to start using the system.


Thanks so much



QuickBooks Team

Re: Moving to Quickbooks

My pleasure Koala. Happy to help!


It is advisable to migrate at the beginning of a FY. This is to keep all your financial data in one place from the beginning of a FY so the financial reports and tax filing can be as accurate as possible by avoiding overlap (or gap) of your financial records. 


Hope this helps. 


QBO supports import style where you can create an invoice template with Microsoft Word and then import it into QBO. Maybe you can start your work on the Word document with the invoice template before the migration completes? 


Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you. :-)

Level 3

Re: Moving to Quickbooks

Thank you very much for all your time and offer to allow me to ask more questions.


Great idea to start with our templates. Please advise the best way to do it via word or can we use on the existing QB templates and thereafter modify. As an example. If I look at the generic sales invoice template: Can I remove the item name but retain the Description of the item, add other fields, move the fields eg. (show the GST as the last field), remove dates  etc.


In MYOB is is a nightmare to create invoices and I am hoping it is a relatively stress free process in QB where we can use the existing templates and thereafter add/remove fields and of course customize our free text vs. creating a template from scratch in word and thereafter mapping fields (which is prone to error!)


The templates that we will be using will be for


Purchase order quotes


Sales Invoices

Sales quotes

Sales Order

and not sure if there are others.


Will be awesome if I can do this in the trial version and thereafter import.  I will one step ahead before go live date.


Thanks again ;-)., I appreciate you putting up with all my questions and prompt reply


QuickBooks Team

Re: Moving to Quickbooks

Our pleasure Koala, we are here to guide you through to make sure you will have a smooth transition to QuickBooks. 


We have 5 available templates in the system which you can choose from and although you can't move the columns around, you can choose to only display the description and hide the name of the product/service. You can also adjust the width and edit the labels of the headings. 


If the in-product templates don't satisfy your requirements, you can also create a custom form template by using the .docx format. I suggest that you download the sample docx templates we have by going to : Cog Wheel --> Custom Form Styles --> Click on the drop down arrow on the "New Style" button and click Import Style. 


Please click the link below for more details.


If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to let us know. 


Level 3

Re: Moving to Quickbooks

Thank you once again for all the support.


It looks as though we are going to have to develop our own customised templates in a Word document and thereafter import into QB


Is there anyway that we can create this using a pre existing QB template or is this something we will have to develop ourselves. If we do have to develop ourselves how can we determine the correct fields and insert them into our template.


I have downloaded the QBO EZ Map Fields catalog but wish to confirm this has Australia fields (it appears to be USA based on their template) and only applicable for sales invoices? eg. Is their a field for GST?


is there anyway that we can do this for our purchase templates.


Apologies for my confusion!


TIA for your patience and support



Re: Moving to Quickbooks

Thanks for getting back to us, @Koala.


For your first question, when you say pre-existing template, do you mean the sample template in QuickBooks? If so, you can download and use the sample template in a .docx format and apply your personal touches.


For your second question, yes, this has Australia fields. However, this is only applicable to invoices and estimates.


You can always check out the article provided by my colleague above for more information about importing templates.


This should answer your question. Please let me know how it goes or if you're referring to something else. I'll be here to help. Have a great weekend.

Level 3

Re: Moving to Quickbooks



Thanks for your speedy reply.


The template that I was referring to is the one called Invoice_Sample which was contained in the custom styles folder (per attached screen print). This document excludes the GST amount field and the BAS fields contained in your online sales invoices.


The relevant tax fields for Australia (GST, Fre etc) are not reflected in the QBO EZ Map Fields document and neither are they reflected on the Invoice_Sample document (not sure if I am downloading the Australian documents vs USA?)


Ideally - we were hoping to change the order of our table columns and likewise have certain words (such as invoice, Company name etc) reflected in the colours of our Company, insert our banking details in the footer and shade in a certain color and other free text that represents our company. This could all be done in both MYOB and Xero without the need to map fields which have the potential to be incorrect.


It is also essential that we can change the appearance of  our purchases orders which is something we use extensively and again represents our company and colours.


Sorry to be nagging :-). Hope you enjoying the weekend.


Below screen sheet from the EZ zip file which excludes the GST component and BAS




QuickBooks Team

Re: Moving to Quickbooks

Hi Koala, 


You can use the Invoice-Sample word document as a template for your import style. You can edit from Tax to GST and later on, map it with GST in your QBO file after GST being turned on in your QBO file. In doing so, the amount will be picked up and included in your BAS. Again, we would encourage you to do this after the data migration. 


You can also change the order of the columns on your table but you might not be able to add more than the items QBO would have on the sales form which usually contain the followings:

- Service date

- Product/Service


- Description 

- Qty

- Rate

- Amount

- GST, and 

- Class (if you have the function turned on)


Hope this helps.