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BAS for previous period

Have recently reconciled accounts for NewCo.

Need to do (a late) BAS for Jul-Sep 2020, but the option does not appear on Quickbooks, only the current period BAS.

What do I need to do to get this quarterly report and ATO lodgement as available


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Steven_Product Champion
QuickBooks Team

BAS for previous period

Hi epoxy, 


With lodging BAS within our GST centre you can only lodge and generate BAS periods in sequential order.


If you currently have the Apr-June period with the Prepare BAS option, this will need to be lodged first before the system will allow you to prepare Jul-Sep. That being said, if you currently are finding on monthly BAS periods are generating please check your Tax Settings in the top right, and changing the lodging frequency from monthly to quarterly. 


Please note: You cant change the reporting frequency if your monthly BAS sits in between the beginning of the next period, you will need to lodge this first before the next quarterly BAS will appear.  


In the event you need to unlodge any BAS please either get the accountant user added to your account or reach out to our friendly support team by clicking here.