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Lodging a BAS

QBO allows the ability to create a Business Activity Statement in order to report to the ATO.

Lodging a BAS

1. Click the GST menu from the main navigation menu.

2. In the Action column click Prepare BAS

Note:  The values in the BAS are determined automatically from the transactions for which GST tax codes were assigned. Any amounts not determined by QBO transactions are directly editable on the BAS form on the far right column in the grey boxes. Adjustments can be made for selected lines where the blue Record links rest on the right. The adjustment account selected will be reduced by the amount recorded in the adjustment and added to the total of the BAS liability owed.

3. Once the information in the BAS report has been verified, click Mark as lodged. QuickBooks will create a journal entry to reflect the amount payable behind the scenes.


Lodging a BAS in QuickBooks does not file that BAS with the ATO electronically. You can use the BAS statement to manually file the BAS report and make payments directly. If a payment is made to the ATO, or a refund has later been received, those transactions should be recorded in the GST Centre against that BAS report for reporting.

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