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Switch to Detailed GST

How do I switch to detailed GST if I don’t want to be in simpler GST?

Remember, if you’re eligible for simpler BAS, you’ll be fully compliant if you’re on Simple GST and our testing has proved that small businesses find it much easier to code GST transactions when they use simplified GST codes. However, if you want to switch to detailed GST, you can do so by contacting our Customer care team.

Note: QuickBooks Online is not a tax or BAS agent. If you are relying on advice from a BAS or tax agent, it’s recommended that you consult with them before you switch.

If you’ve set default GST codes on the Chart of Accounts, products and services, bank rules and recurring transactions, please be aware that you will lose these default settings when you switch and the action cannot be rolled back. You’ll need to visit each of those sections to reset the GST defaults. There will be no impact on existing transactions.

What will happen to BAS reports once I switch to detailed GST?

  • BAS detailed report - There will be no change to BAS detailed report. You will continue to see transactions grouped by tax codes in the BAS detailed report. If you have existing transactions that use the detailed GST codes, the BAS details report will continue to report the transactions under the detailed GST codes.
  • BAS summary report - If you switch from simple GST to detailed GST, the BAS summary report will only display fields relevant to simpler BAS - G1, 1A and 1B with a few additional details. You will not see the fields that are removed from BAS in this report as you are no longer required to report those fields.
  • BAS form - We are actively working on simplifying the BAS form in QuickBooks Online. We anticipate that this change will happen before the deadline for next quarterly BAS. In the meantime, once you switch to detailed GST, we will populate appropriate values for fields G2, G3, G10 and G11.

What will happen to add-on app if I switch from detailed GST to simple GST or vice versa?

If you switch from one detailed GST to simple or vice versa, you may need to refresh the add-on app connection to fetch the new set of tax codes from QuickBooks Online. You may also need to remap any default GST codes you may have set on the add-on app. Please refer to the add-on app documentation for more details.

Where can I find more information about simpler BAS?

You can find more information about simpler BAS on ATO’s website.

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