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Overcome team member objections to QuickBooks Time

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated December 23, 2022

Sometimes, when team members haven't experienced the ease and awesomeness of QuickBooks Time, they have some concerns. Here are some typical objections and possible responses and tips.

  • "The app will use too much of my phone's data or battery life." One great thing about QuickBooks Time is that it uses very little data because it only syncs every 10 minutes, and it only uses 1% of your phone's battery. With this app, you won't have to upgrade your data plan. If they still object, you might consider offering a $5-$7 reimbursement every month that will more than cover their usage.



  • "I'll forget to clock in or out." Set up reminders and notifications that will appear on team members' phones and in their email inboxes. Also, you might consider handing out sticky notes to put somewhere visible (car, desk, register, staff door, etc.) to remind them for the first couple weeks while they get used to the system.


  • "I don't know how to use it." Advanced training is the key to a successful roll-out. Rather than just telling the team members to start using the app, to ensure that all team members receive training, schedule a staff meeting at which you can:
    • Watch pre-recorded webinars found at the QuickBooks Time Learning Centre.
    • Attend a live online training session that:
      • Is tailored to the way your company will be using QuickBooks Time
      • Covers best practices
      • Addresses any individual concerns

    To schedule a live session: contact our friendly Customer Experience team.


  • "I didn't know we were starting this yet." Be sure to clearly communicate the exact date you are 'going live' with QuickBooks Time, and acknowledge that the first two weeks will be a time of learning and creating good time-tracking habits.


  • "I don't want to use the app." Clarify that team members are required to use the app to record their work hours, submit their hours, and get paid. To incentivise team members to take a little more time to correctly record their hours, you might consider announcing a contest to reward the team member who has the least amount of edits needed on their timesheets.

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