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Approve and manage time off entries for team members for QuickBooks Time

by Intuit Updated 7 months ago

Learn how to create time off for your team members as well as approve or deny time off requests in QuickBooks Time on the web dashboard. 


  • Time off hours can include sick days, holiday time, annual leave, and holidays.
  • Account administrators can enter time off for any team member.
  • Managers can enter time off for the group/crew that they manage.
  • Time off entered by an admin does not require approval.
    • Time off entered by a manager who is also in the group they manage does not require approval. If they are not in the group they manage, the time off request will need admin approval.

Approve or deny time off requests

To approve or deny requests: 

  1. Go to Time off.
  2. Hover over the pending request and select Approve or Deny.
    • To add a note to the request, select the request, add a note, and select Approve or Deny.

Enter time off directly for team members

Follow these steps to enter time off for one or multiple team members in one of two ways:

  1. Go to Time Off.
  2. Select Add Time Off.
  3. Select desired team members for bulk entry, or choose an individual team member.
    • You are automatically selected. If you don't want to add a time off request for yourself, deselect yourself.
  4. Choose a code, date of entry, and number of hours on that day.
    • Only codes that are assigned to all team members in a bulk entry will display.
  5. (optional) Add another day for the same code.
  6. (optional) Add notes.
  7. Select Save.

Note: You can add time off for a past date, however, the following is affected:

  • The date can't be more than a year in the past
  • The date must be after the reset date


  1. Go to Time Entries, and select Manual Time Card.
  2. Select Switch User and enter the team member you are adding time off for.
  3. In the Job or Customer column, select (no job) or (no customer).
  4. Search or scroll for the desired time off code.
    1. Note: These are found at the bottom of the customers list.
  5. In that row, under the day, enter the number of hours.
  6. Select Save.

Edit or cancel time off requests

Note: If time off approvals are not enabled, a time off timesheet can be managed like any other timesheet.

Edit time off


  • A denied request cannot be edited.
  • A pending request cannot be edited.
  • Edits can be made to a time off request after it has been approved.
  • Once a timesheet is locked by export or timesheet approvals, it cannot be edited.

To edit time off: 

  1. Go to Time Off and select time off entry.
  2. Select Edit and make your changes.
  3. Select Save.

Cancel time off


  • A request can be cancelled when it is pending or approved.
  • Once a timesheet is locked by export or timesheet approvals, it cannot be cancelled.

To cancel time off: 

  1. Go to Time off and select a time off entry.
  2. Select Cancel entry.
  3. (Optional) enter the reason the entry is being cancelled.
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