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Limited Duration Offers - Why Has My Price Changed?

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

Limited Duration Offers - Why Has My Price Changed? 

From June 2016, we sold limited time offers to ProAdvisors. Customers purchased discounts such as 5 files for $5 or 5 files for $25 for a limited time (2 or 5 years).

The first offer of this kind was 5 for $5 for limited 2 year time, and from June 2018, they will see these offers expire.

What does it mean to my customer? 

The customer’s file will revert back to full price.

What should I expect? 

Some customers might have forgotten that they bought a 2 year limited file, and question when the price is reverted to normal WSB pricing.

What to check?

You can see what promo the customer is on in oBill Customer Centre. You may find that only some files have lost their discount, while others remain at the promotional price - this is because the customer may have purchased different promotions at different times.

1. Locate one of the child files that has lost the promo
2. Look up file in oBill customer centre
3. In the balance tab, you can see the price point has changed

4. In the Plans tab, you are able to see what promo the customer purchased:

Note: Please see in the above screenshot, the customer has an 8 month duration rather than 2 years - this is because they have been moved to our new billing system (oBill) after already been on this promotion for 14 months in our old billing system (iBRM).

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