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What to do when BAS amounts look incorrect

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

Learn how to fix discrepancies between the GST or Pay-as-you-go Withholding (PAYGW) amounts showing on your Prepare BAS screen with the amounts shown on reports.

To check for discrepancies, run the Transactions by Tax Code report to view a detailed breakdown of all transactions and identify any wrongly coded transactions:

  1. Go to GST and select Run reports.
  2. Select the Transactions by Tax Code report.
  3. Set the report period you want to run, along with the accounting method (Cash or Accrual basis). Then, select Run report.
  4. Look for any transactions which may have been categorised into the wrong GST code.
  5. To fix wrongly coded transactions, select the transaction to open it up, then select the correct GST code from the GST column. Select Save and close once done.
  6. Repeat Step 5 for all other affected transactions.

Note: When checking for PAYGW discrepancies, open the Detailed Activity Report from the Employees tab on another browser tab or window to compare the figures side-by-side.

BAS Amendments

If the BAS amounts still look incorrect after re-coding transactions, this may be due to GST or PAYGW amendments affecting the amount shown on the Prepare BAS screen. 

An amendment appears when a transaction from a previously lodged BAS period has been edited after the BAS was lodged, carrying forward the changes to the BAS you’re about to lodge.

For example: You're planning to lodge BAS for the April to June period. However, you noticed that a GST-inclusive expense from January was recorded twice in your books. You delete the duplicate, and so QuickBooks automatically identifies that you may have paid extra tax on that duplicate expense when you lodged the January to March period. Therefore, the April to June BAS will factor in this amendment in the Prepare BAS screen.

To check for amendments, run the GST Amendment report.

  1. Go to GST and select Run reports.
  2. Select the GST Amendments report.
  3. Amendments for all periods will be shown here. To view amendments for PAYGW, select Pay as you go Withholding from the GST Agency dropdown menu.

Clearing and removing amendments involves unlodging the BAS for the period in which the date of the amendment is showing. This can be carried out by our Support team, so contact us for assistance in unlodging your BAS.

If you're an accountant user who wishes to remove amendments on behalf of a client, learn how to unlodge their BAS as an accountant user.

Before you contact us: Download or print a copy of your GST Amendment report for future reference. To do this, select the Print icon within the report, then select Save as PDF or Print.
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