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Connect QuickBooks Online with the ATO to enable direct BAS lodgement

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Connecting QuickBooks Online with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will create a secure channel for sharing information like your Business Activity Statement (BAS) or Instalment Activity Statements (IAS).

Before you start

  • Please note that you have to be an admin, non-accountant user to enable BAS electronic lodgement in QuickBooks Online.
  • Additionally, it will save you time if you have your Australian Business Number (ABN), Tax File Number (TFN), and Business phone number handy.

Select an option below to get started.

This should take less than 4 minutes!

  1. Call 1300 85 22 32.
  2. Follow the instructions for nominating a software provider.
  3. Enter your tax file number.
  4. Tell the agent you need to add a new hosted service with Exactor*, ABN 61 612 826 605.
  5. Provide your software ID (found in QuickBooks inside the Connect to the ATO screen) to the ATO agent.
  6. Back in QuickBooks Online GST Centre, tick the I've set up the ATO connection box and select Next.

*QuickBooks has partnered with Exactor to enable electronic lodgement of BAS directly from QuickBooks for Australian customers.

If you're in QuickBooks Online, you can navigate directly from the GST centre:

  1. Select GST from the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Select the Connect the ATO button.
  3. Select the Login to Access Manager box, then select Next.
  4. Enter your ABN and Business phone number, then select Submit.

From there, you’ll be taken to the ATO Access Manager. Here’s what to do next:

  1. Sign in using your MyGovID.
  2. On the left of the dashboard, choose My Hosted SBR Software Services.
  3. Select Notify the ATO of your hosted service.
  4. Select Exactor* from the list of software service providers.
  5. Enter your software ID (found in QuickBooks inside the Connect to the ATO screen) and select Next.
  6. Review the information and select Save.
  7. Back in QuickBooks, navigate back to the GST tab and re-select the Connect to the ATO Button.
  8. Select the Login to Access Manager Box and select Next.
  9. Select the I've set up the ATO connection box, then Next.

*QuickBooks has partnered with Exactor to enable electronic lodgement of BAS directly from QuickBooks for Australian customers.

 Once you've set up electronic lodgement, it's time to lodge your first BAS! Learn how to lodge a BAS.

Frequently asked questions

The ATO wants all business owners to tell them about the software they use for electronic filing. The software must be certified.

QuickBooks is working with Exactor. This will allow users to file their BAS electronically. Users can do this by giving Exactor permission. You can think of Exactor as the connection between QuickBooks and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Authorisation only enables QuickBooks to lodge electronically, and download instalment amounts. The ATO will only be provided information when a lodgement is made.

Currently, only small business owners can send BAS electronically through QuickBooks. Accountants can also send BAS from QuickBooks for small and medium businesses (SMBs). However, we suggest that BAS Agents keep using their current electronic lodgement process if they need to identify themselves as the processing agent.

If you're a QuickBooks Online Accountant and want to enable electronic lodgement for your client, you won't be able to see the option to connect to the ATO. This is because the process to enable electronic lodgement must be done by the owner of the business. 

There are two other possible reasons why you can't connect: - Electronic lodgement has already been enabled in the past. - Your QuickBooks Online company hasn't been moved to the current GST experience yet. If you need help with this, contact our support team.

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