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Connect Amazon Marketplace Web Service to QuickBooks Online with OneSaas

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

Learn how to connect your Amazon Marketplace Web Service account to your QuickBooks Online account.

Note: Currently, we only support the integration of the Amazon Marketplace Web service in some regions. However, we’re working hard with the Amazon approval process to make this available for everyone. Here’s a list of supported regions:

  • Australia - Developer ID 3544-0208-4586
  • United States and Canada - Developer ID 9777-6629-5636
  • United Kingdom and Germany - Developer ID 4917-2733-7172

Step 1: Register QuickBooks Connector in your Amazon Marketplace Web Service account

Set up your Amazon account to be ready to connect with QuickBooks Connector.

  1. Sign in to your Amazon seller account.
  2. Go to Settings (gear icon), then select User Permissions.
  3. Select Visit Manage Your Apps, then select Authorise a Developer.
  4. Enter “QuickBooks Connector” in the Developer's Name field.
  5. Enter your account number in the Developer Account Number field, then select Next.
    Note: Only use the account number applicable for your region:
    • Australia: 3544-0208-4586
    • United States or Canada: 9777-6629-5636
    • United Kingdom or Germany: 4917-2733-7172
  6. Read the Amazon MWS License Agreement. If you agree, select the checkbox, then select Next.
  7. Make sure to save or copy your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token. You need this to connect with QuickBooks Connector.

Step 2: Connect your Amazon Marketplace with QuickBooks Online

Now that you have the Seller ID and the MWS Auth Token from your Amazon MWS account, you can now proceed to connect your Amazon account.

  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online Account.
  2. Go to the Apps menu, then search for Amazon Marketplace Connector by Intuit.
  3. Select Amazon Marketplace Connector by Intuit. 
  4. Select Get app now, then select Connect.
  5. Go to the Connections tab, then select Connect to Amazon Marketplace.
  6. Select your Region, then enter your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token.
  7. Select Connect to Amazon Marketplace.

Now that you're connected to Amazon, you can either add another connection by selecting + Add Connection or move forward and configure your integration.

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