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Fix OpenID 2.0 Deprecation issues in QuickBooks Online

Learn about this error and what actions you need to take.

The protocol this application uses has been deprecated (discontinued), and the app developer has been notified. If you need assistance, please contact the app developer for further support.

What happened?

We are sorry the functionality with respect to this app is broken. The developer of the app you are trying to access is using a protocol to share profile data that has been deprecated (discontinued) by Intuit on May 31, 2019.

What is OpenID 2.0?

OpenID 2.0 is an authentication protocol used by app developers to implement Intuit single sign-on (SSO). SSO allows the user to only have the sign in once, instead of having to sign in to both the app and the app store or QuickBooks Online.

As a QuickBooks customer, what will I see?

Generally, you will notice you are not able to proceed with one of the following:

  • Connect an app to your QuickBooks Online company (Example: selecting the Get App No button)
  • Sign in via SSO (Single Sign-On) when attempting to access the app you have connected to your QuickBooks Online company (Example: Selecting Launch from within your Apps tab, you are automatically signed in using your QuickBooks credentials)
  • Action: Please use the "forgot password" process on the app developer's website, or contact the app developer directly for assistance.
  • Attempting to sign in to the developer's website by selecting the Sign in with QuickBooks button.
  • Action: Please use the “forgot password” process on the app developer’s website, or contact the app developer directly for assistance.
  • Attempting to disconnect an app (but are redirected to this Help article)
  • Action: The app no longer has access to your QuickBooks data, however, you should sign in to the application’s website to update any billing or settings.

As a QuickBooks Customer, what do I need to do?

Please contact the app developer through the developer's support channel. This information is generally located on the app card of the App Centre, or Apps Tab within QuickBooks Online.

Important: If this app experience is really important to you, or is causing a pain-point in your workflows, please navigate back to the source where you discovered this app and contact the developer of the app for rectification.

I'm the App Developer, what do I need to do?

As the App Developer, If you are unaware of these changes, please check out the Intuit Developer Portal where you can locate the OpenID 2.0 Deprecation Now May 31, 2019 article. This article has been created to guide our developers through migrating their apps from “OpenID 2.0 to OpenID Connect or the Learn More flow”.

If you have any additional questions about migrating your app, please submit a ticket to our Intuit Developer Group through the Intuit Developer Help Portal.

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