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Email and customise sales form

Learn how to customise, attach files, and email sales forms to your customer within QuickBooks Online.

Sales forms are invoices, sales receipts, statements, estimates, adjustment notes, and purchase orders you send to customers. Each form is different in style and feel. You can personalise this to match your business. Here’s how.

Send sales transaction to customer

QuickBooks send sales forms using the email “” It is set up this way so you’re updated on the status of the sent transaction. It tells you when the sales transaction form was viewed, sent, paid, etc.

Note: QuickBooks doesn't show shortened URLs when you send emails to customers. This is for security purposes to prevent bad actors from pretending to be Intuit.

  1. Create the transaction you want to send.
    Note: If you’ve already created the transaction, open it.
  2. Make sure the selected customer has an email address. If not, you can enter their email in the Customer Email field.
  3. You can also attach a file to your sales transaction. Select the Attachments field, then double-click the file you’d like to attach.
    Note: After the file is uploaded, select the Attach to email checkbox.
  4. Select Save and send.
Note: You can check these support articles if you plan to send multiple sales forms or send sales forms to multiple email addresses.

Customise sales form

You can customise any of your sales form using these steps

  1. Go to Settings ⚙ and select Account and Settings.
  2. Select Sales on the left menu.
  3. Select Edit ✎ on the category you want to customise.

Here’s where you can create and customise your sales form format or style.

  • Design
  • Content
  • Emails
  • Payments

Here’s where you set your preferred option for the following:

  • Invoice terms
  • Delivery method
  • Shipping
  • Customer fields
  • Optional fields: Service date, custom transaction numbers, discount, deposit, and tips

This category lets you show the products and services column on sales forms.

  • Show the SKU column
  • Track quantity and rate
  • Track inventory quantity on hand

Here you can customise the way you send customers their sales forms through email.

  • You can insert a greeting before the message text.
  • Choose the format of your greeting.
  • Choose how you want to call customers.
  • Choose to copy all emails sent to customers.
  • Set up your standard message for each type of sales form.
    Tip: You can use the tag “[Invoice No.]” in the subject line to include the invoice number.

This lets you email a reminder to your customers.

  • You can customise the reminder.
  • Choose to be copied on all reminders sent to customers.
  • Choose the greeting format and what name you want to call the customer.

Have control over how your forms come through to the customer.

  • You can choose if you’d like to send the full details or a short summary in email.
  • Select the PDF Attached checkbox to send a copy of the invoice in PDF format to your customers so they can easily view or print it.
  • In the Additional email options for invoices ▼ drop-down, you can choose between the 3 options. Each one will affect the overall format of the invoice. We recommend Online invoice for the best possible experience.

Lets you customise the form and show how much detail to include.

  • You can choose if you’d like to list each transaction as a single line or multiple lines in detail.
  • Select the Show ageing table at bottom of statement checkbox if you’d like to.

Note: Use Accept Payments with PayPal.

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