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Adding Banking Details to your Statement

Look at your statements you get anywhere in the world from any company


They all have banking / Payment details included in the statement

UNLESS they are using Quick Books OnLine


Why are we nobbled for using QBOL  ?????

MYOB  Lets you add Banking details to your statements

Xero  Lets you add banking details to your statements

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Adding Banking Details to your Statement

Hello 1231 4628 3419 129,


I appreciate you sharing your insights here about the statements. We're always open to hear suggestions or any idea come from you.


I'll make sure to take note of all the information you've shared with me. Our developers will evaluate them and might be given a chance to be added in the next product updates.


Please visit here again if you have other questions or suggestions. I'll be around.

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Adding Banking Details to your Statement


its 2023, and still no update of adding bank details to our statements, it should be simple to just be able to edit a form  I see last this question was raised was December 2019. Please query this as all other programs like MYOB and Xero etc have all this feature, and our clients do call for the details which is rather embarrassing and unprofessional on our part.



Adding Banking Details to your Statement

Thanks for joining the thread, TotalSuper. I understand how important it is to be able to add your bank details on a statement. Let me walk you through on how to add this details on the footer of your statement. 


  1. Go to Gear icon and select Custom form styles.
  2. Click Edit on the Standard template.
  3. On Content tab, click on the footer of the invoice.
  4. Enter your bank details on the Footer text box.
  5. You can also adjust the font size and text alignment.
  6. Select Done.


Feel free to drop a comment below if you need further assistance with adding your bank details on statements. Have a nice day! 

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Adding Banking Details to your Statement

how do you add the statement template though? There doesnt appear to be this option? 

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Adding Banking Details to your Statement

Thanks for your post in the Community, KaylaBrincat!


At the moment the ability to  customise or upload statement template is unavailable in the current offerings.Customising forms is only available to invoices, estimates and sales receipts. 


If you wanted to add your banking details in your sales form, you can make use of the steps below.


  1. Click on the Settings icon, and choose Custom form styles.
  2. Click on the Standard style and click on Edit.
  3. Select Add your EFT Details.
  4. Enter your payment details under Footer or Message to customer.
  5. Click on Done.

Once done, go back to your invoice and click on Print or preview to see the bank details. You can also refer to this link to learn more about: Adding bank details to your invoices.


Feel free to reply to this post if you have further concerns with QuickBooks Online. Have a great rest of the day.