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Android app is very buggy, frequently areas of the app don't open, it crashes or quits and bank transactions don't match up to invoices.

Pressing the back button often quits the app which then takes a while to reload after closing. Bank transactions don't update for days even after using the refresh button. Receipts don't match to outgoing transactions even though the dollar amounts match. Tax is calculated incorrectly frequently. Areas of the app don't open when pressed, they just flash as if they will open but never do. Running on a Samsung Galaxy Fold Z2
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Bowie Ng

Android app is very buggy, frequently areas of the app don't open, it crashes or quits and bank transactions don't match up to invoices.

Hello Ivan-folghera-gm, sorry to hear you have having a bad experience on our app. It sounds like there are many things going on there and maybe we can tackle some of them. Some of them sound like they will make good feedback for the team to make improvements to the app itself. If you wish to directly give feedback you can do so within the App - Gear icon top left of screen > Under Help, tap Feedback > Submit Feedback. We appreciate direct feedback from our customers as it helps us build a better product and priotize what we need to work on first. 


I will pass on some of the feedback as I understand it:

1. Not closing app when you hit back

2. App reloading time after closing app

3. Bank feed being slow to update despite manual refresh

4. Automatic matching of receipts to transactions

5. Tax calculation is sometimes incorrect

6. Unresponsive app not loading as expected


Problems we can maybe tackle:


3. Bank feed - do you know if you bank feed connection is a direct bank feed? There are different types of connections and depending on who you bank with, if direct bank feeds are an option they are the most stable and up to date. You can learn more about them:


4. Automatic matching - this is available within the product but a transaction needs to be created first before a receipt can be automatically matched against it. Can you elaborate on your issue a bit more so we can find the core issue and see if we can deliver a better experience for you? 


5. Tax calculation - this also does not sound like what we expect the product to perform. It might be worthwhile to troubleshoot this process to see if there are underlying issues (potentially with set up?). With more information, we can try to help. 


App performance feedback:

1. 2. 6. sound like it is an app performance issue and I can forward that feedback to the team to let them know. 


If you would like to troubleshoot the other issues a but more, feel free to reply here, or alternatively, because there are quite a few things going on, it might be easier to explain over the phone while you are navigating the app, you can request a Call Me Back via Question mark on top right > Help and Support  > Contact us > Type in Call Me > Request Call me Back. Our usual response times are around 5 minutes but please bear with us, if you pick this option this week as due to the typhoons in the Philippines, one of our partner sites are offline and we are trying our best to provide the best service to you but the wait times might be longer than usual. 


Hope I was able to help and hope we will be able to improve the product experience with your input.