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Create and view customer statements

Learn how to use statements to show customers a summary of their invoices, payments, credits, and balances.

There are three types of customer statements in QuickBooks Online. Here's how to create Balance Forward, Open Item, and Transaction Statements.

Create a customer statement

  1. Go to the Sales menu and select the Customers tab.
  2. Select the checkboxes for the customer or customers you want to make statements for.
  3. In the Batch actions dropdown ▼, select Create statements.
  4. In the Statement Type dropdown ▼, select the type of statement you'd like to make:
    • Balance Forward: A list of invoices and payments with balance for date range selected
    • Open Item: A list of open, unpaid invoices from the last 365 days
    • Transaction Statement: A list of transactions between the selected dates
  5. Fill in the date fields and select Apply.
  6. Select SaveSave and closeSave and send, or Print or Preview.

Here's a short video that shows how to do it.

View customer statements you created already

  1. Go to the Sales menu and select the All sales tab.
  2. Select the Filter dropdown▼ menu. Then, in the Type dropdown▼, select  Statements.
  3. Select the Date dropdown▼, and which option you'd like to use.
  4. Select the Customer dropdown▼. Then select All or the specific customer you'd like to see statements for.

Customise your statements

You have a few options if you'd like to customise your statements. Go to your preferences to see those options.

  1. Go to Settings ⚙ and select Account and Settings.
  2. Select the Sales tab and scroll to the bottom to Statements.
  3. Select Edit ✎.
  4. Select either List each transaction as a single line or List each transaction including all detail lines.
  5. Select the Show ageing table at bottom of statement checkbox.
  6. Select Save.

Common questions about statements

How do I delete a statement?

Open the statement. From the bar at the bottom of the page, select Delete.

How do I edit a statement?

If you make a change to a transaction, the statement will update to match it. You can also customise the statement using the steps above.

Why are some customers missing when I try to make statements?

There are a few reasons this can happen. If you use the steps above, the statement window will tell you why your customers are missing.

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