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QB templates / progress invoicings

ouple of template questions please.


1. Is it possible to set up duplicate templates with different logos and addresses (or exclude the address completely - it appears to be a required field)

2. Can we remove the bold type from both the item name and description of the item. This is taking place with both the QB templates, and our own forms were we do not have a bold typeface.

3. The QB Templates are not showing the subtotal amount in the body. Is there any reason why it is only shown on the BAS summary?

4. Can we re arrange the column layout eg have Qty and our first column, followed by item name, description, rate and amount

5. Can we duplicate the forms once set up. This will save a lot of time and effort and if so how is this done.

6. Can we customize the Purchase Orders, Credit notes and quote templates

7. Can we show the subtotal, discount, total GST etc on our forms whilst excluding the BAS. The template gives the impression we can however it is not available when printing our sales invoices.


Many thanks - I apologise for all the questions but thought it best to keep in one question.


Thank you for your efforts




Our work commences with a quote > order > deposit > final invoice when goods are delivered.


Does QB have the ability to accept deposits prior the final invoices. These deposits are made over a period of time as our work progresses and milestones are achieved.


If this is not possible do you have alternative solutions. We cannot issue invoices until such time as the job is complete.


Additionally - very frustrating but on numerous occasions when posting messages appear saying unable to post!!!.  It has now taken me over 16 times to post this message and counting.


Correct the highlighted errors and try again.

  • There was an error while attempting to post your message. Try again in a few minutes (ONE HOUR LATER - HAVING CLEANED MY BROWSER, CACHE, LOGGED IN / OUR, ETC.. STILL HAVING A PROBLEM!


Equally - when we customise our forms - ON A FREQUENT basis an "error occurred - an application error has occurred whilst processing your request - 10000


Thank you for answering both questions in the same thread

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Re: QB templates / progress invoicings

1. no, it is one logo one company
2. no, there is some limited choices for fonts, when you are in the design part of customer forms
3. Try the different templates, I think at one time it was only the Airy template that would show the sub total, might still be the same
4. in the detail part of customize form try dragging the 9 dots up and down, dots are just to the left of the check mark box that shows or does not show the field. Keep in mind this is a print setting, some fields will always show on screen
5 Not in the design part but yes when you are using them bring up the form, at the bottom use the more menu/link and select duplicate
6. only invoice, estimate and sales receipt are customizable
a quote is an estimate in QBO
7. sorry can't help, I am in Texas and don't have VAT

Does QB have the ability to accept deposits prior the final invoices. These deposits are made over a period of time as our work progresses and milestones are achieved.

Additionally - very frustrating but on numerous occasions when posting messages appear saying unable to post!!!.
welcome to QBO


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Re: QB templates / progress invoicings

Thank you...


Appreciate all your replies. I thought this was an Aussie forum. I may try and repost there as well.


I cannot understand why we cannot remove the bold from the QB forms or our own external customized forms. Maybe it is an Australian version


Thank you and enjoy Texas

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Re: QB templates / progress invoicings

You’re actually routed to the right forum, Deano2.

Your questions will always be posted to AU QuickBooks Community as long as you’ve selected the Australian flag when posting. Though, other members offshore can still jump in to your question and share their answers.

Also, you might want to use a private browser when you’re having issues posting your questions. Clearing your temporary internet files or using a different browser will also do. Overloaded files in your browser can cause issues like this. 

With regards your seventh question, you can exclude BAS summary from your invoice through the steps below:

  1. Click the Gear icon at the top. 
  2. Select Custom Form Styles. 
  3. Click Edit on the template involved. 
  4. Go to Content tab and click the footer part of the template 
  5. Unchecked BAS summary under Display. 
  6. Click Done. 

Lastly, removing the bold form on the template is unavailable in QuickBooks for all regions. Right now, i’ll make sure to take note and share this preference to our developers for future updates. 

Keep your posts coming if you have other concerns. 

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Re: QB templates / progress invoicings

Thank you and I apologize for the multiple postings but 3 of us were attempting to post in this forum and ALL of us had issues. (Different computers and our browsers are cleared on exit).


Please can you clarify my understanding because right now I am getting into a lot of trouble at work and being told I am inefficient.


a) If I design my own customized form outside of QB  - The item description field  will AUTOMATICALLY convert to a bold even if I do not wish it to be, and is it shown as such on my word template?? , and if that is indeed the case, then why call them customized templates.  I am being called incompetent on this one - so please advise how I can rectify.

b). Please advise if we do select a QB template and amend can we copy our template and saved under a different name.


Am in the only complaining about this silly bold type face


Thank you.





QuickBooks Team

Re: QB templates / progress invoicings

Hello there, Deano2.


It's my pleasure to bring clarifications to your concern on managing invoice templates in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


Ideally, the customized template imported in QBO should show the same format from what's imported. You may try using a different font style and re-import the template into QBO.


Here's how to import your template:

  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Click Custom Form Styles.
  3. From the New style drop down, choose Import style.
  4. Follow the onscreen instruction.
  5. Click Save.

To learn more about importing custom form styles for invoices in QBO, feel free to check out this article: Import custom form styles for invoices or estimates.


Regarding on your second question, yes, you can copy your template and saved it under a different name.


Learn more about customizing invoices, estimates, and sales receipts templates through this article: Customize your invoices, estimates, and sales receipts.


Reach out to me directly if you have additional questions while working with templates. I'll be around to assist you further. Have a great rest of your day.

Level 3

Re: QB templates / progress invoicings

Thank you


PLEASE  answer a veey specific question


Can I create my own customize form without fields converting to a BOLD upon import.?  


Thank you..




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Re: QB templates / progress invoicings

You definitely can, @Deano2.


I'd be glad to help add details about customizing imported forms.


You can import your template without making the fonts bold. This depends on the font you're using since several fonts automatically convert (ex. Calibri).


Should you need anything else or if you have additional questions about customizing imported templates, do let me know. I'm here to help however I can.

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Re: QB templates / progress invoicings

I am seriously about to CRY!!!!!   Not one field is in BOLD Print on my form yet the <<Item Description is displayed in BOLD>> I am using the QB fonts. Are we limited?

All 3 people working on this project are encountering problems. OR we attempt things and then we are booted out your system.  Please do not tell me to clear our caches.. We do this. Please tell me IF I am the only one complaining! Something in MYOB would take 10 minutes.. 10 hours later we are still trying to deal with this issue.








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Re: QB templates / progress invoicings

I want to be transparent with you and don’t want to give you falls hope, Deano2.

As mentioned in my previous answer, eliminating the bold prints (Items and description) on your form is unavailable. Even if you’re doing it on a customized imported template. I’ve tested this many times in different versions of QuickBooks Online including Australia. 

I’ve already reached our developers and submitted a product suggestion about this. Hopping they’ll consider adding this option on one of our updates in the future. I’ll also take note of the issues you’re having when posting here and will let our engineers know about it. 

Thanks for dropping by. Stay around if you have other concerns. 

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Re: QB templates / progress invoicings

Thank you very much.


I appreciate your honesty vs the run around that both myself and other colleagues have been receiving.


My boss is blaming me when it appears as though I am doing nothing erroneously. I have also wasted a considerable amount of time in this endeavors. 


Thank you once again.. and the good news is that I and others who have been communicating regarding this matter (I can see there is another person who is exceptionally frustrated)


I would appreciate if you can look at an earlier post of mine regarding subtotals. If there is a solution great please let me know, if there is no current solution then likewise please let me know.


Thank you


@Anonymous  - Please can you advise why your answer (and others) have indicated that it is achievable with the custom forms.  I have lost a bit of confidence in that I now have two very different answers.. 

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Re: QB templates / progress invoicings

I appreciate your patience and for being inquisitive about QuickBooks, Deano2.

I have already seen and answered your post about missing subtotal. You might want to check it out by clicking this article:

Please always consider visiting us again if you need anything else. 

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Re: QB templates / progress invoicings



Thank you once again. I appreciate all your help and candid and honest replies. 

our templates are critical to our business and sadly minimal customisation is allowed in QB (including PO/Statements etc where to my knowledge  we cannot customize or even exclude the signature approval on the Purchase Orders. 


Regarding the QB templates and in particular PO and statements.  We operate as one Company / same ABN but for branding purposes use different logis in our templates. Is there anyway we can set up two different Purchase Orders/statements  with different logos and branding name or suggested alternatives 


tx again