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BAS Summary on Invoices

When using the online  test version of QB - We are provided with the option to display / not display the BAS summary on our invoices, however it appears this option is not available when using a trial version.  Please can you advise why this may be


Additionally - I am trying to create my own invoices but unable to find the correct EZY fields for the footer section :



Discount %

Total GST




Invoice Number


Please can you assist with the actual field names.


Many thanks

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Re: BAS Summary on Invoices

Hello, Koala.


I was able to hide the BAS summary from the invoice on my trial account through the steps below:

  1. Click the Gear icon at the top. 
  2. Select Custom Form Styles. 
  3. Click Edit under Action on the style you’re using. 
  4. Go to Content tab and select the footer section. 
  5. Uncheck the box for BAS summary under Display. 
  6. Click Done. 

Since you’re not able to do it, it’s possible that your browser is causing the issue. to check, I’d recommend doing it again on a private window. You can also clear your browser’s cache or use a different supported browser (especially if everything works fine on a private browser). There are times that the overloaded internet files can cause unusual behaviors in QuickBooks. 

On the other hand, you won’t be able to map a field such as Invoice number on the footer. This is because the field should be part of the header. QuickBooks will always follow the recommended formatting even if you’re importing your own invoice style.

Take a look at this article for more information:

Let me know in the comments below if you’re referring to something else. 

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Re: BAS Summary on Invoices

Thank you for your speedy and extensive reply.  


unfortunately the BAS Summary option is still not showing 😯 as an available field. 


2) Regarding designing  our own forms..I have spent EXTENSIVE time trying to map fields but still struggling identifying correct field names. (eg Invoice No is not invoiceno .


Would it be possible to please provide the field names that I mentioned in my original post  vs referring me to a link. I am very disappointed with the form functionality with QB.


Many thanks for your assistance 

QuickBooks Team

Re: BAS Summary on Invoices

Hello Koala,


The BAS summary option isn't available in the Simple Start and Essentials versions. I recommend signing up to the Plus version to see this.


You can visit our website for more information:


Mapping your template fields can be found in this article under "Import your custom form style" section: Import custom form styles for invoices or estimates.


I've also added this handy article in case you need future reference: Getting started for QuickBooks Online.


Please let us know anytime if you have other questions.




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Re: BAS Summary on Invoices

Thank you. We are subscribed to the plus version $40 per month.  So not sure why it is not displayed . 


Re mapping of fields.  As mentioned previously, the document is not clear re field names and some are not valid (invoiceno)


PLEASE can I have the field names as requested vs links to documents which I have researched. 



If  my requesr re field names cannot be provided then please let me know as too much time is being spent seeking an answer and we may revert to another software package. 


Myob forms are better and they are not user friendly.  


thank you

QuickBooks Team

Re: BAS Summary on Invoices

Hi Koala,


Firstly, with the BAS Summary not being displayed - when you open to the Content tab that ShiellaGraceA showed above, what Display options do you see? Is the BAS Summary tick box missing, or even after ticking it, is the BAS Summary not showing up?


Secondly, in regards to the EZY Fields, here are the fields for each:

  • Subtotal: <subtotal>
  • Discount: <discountbeforetax> or <discountaftertax> is what we have. Currently we don't have an EZY field for discount percent. A workaround for this would be to assign one of the Custom Fields as the discount percent, e.g. put in the percent in Custom Field 1, and use <custom1> for that field.
  • Total GST: <totaltax>
  • Deposit: <deposit>
  • Total <total>
  • Invoice Number: <refnumber>

Alternatively, you can enter any input between the EZY Fields, e.g. <subtotal123> and upload the .docx, which will prompt you to choose the QuickBooks Fields yourself like so:



This allows a bit more customisation through a drop-down menu so you can use the fields of your choice.


Let me know how it goes!




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Re: BAS Summary on Invoices

Hi Bonny, Thank you that has been incredibly helpful and very much appreciate everyone's effort s in assisting me. Please advise if there is any way that I can show a zero against fields that have no value. Currently they are blank. Many thanks again :-).

QuickBooks Team

Re: BAS Summary on Invoices

Hi Koala, 


Thank you for following up on this. 


I just did a test in my test file for the fields that have no value. I used discount as an example. Unfortunately, QuickBook Online is not supporting the function of showing a zero against fields without value. 


I would encourage you submit an in-product feedback on this as a feature request. Here is how:

How do I submit feedback?

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Re: BAS Summary on Invoices

Thank you so much for doing the testing. Likewise, I did a trial test using the test file on your website In all instances fields are excluded if there is no associated value. (Using you pre-templates but doubt that makes a difference). This is also applicable when a part payment is received. If there is a part payment the field and value are displayed, however excluded when there is no payment. Please can you double check :-). Thanks and sorry for all my emails but no doubt others are learning from my lack of knowledge.
QuickBooks Team

Re: BAS Summary on Invoices

Not a problem, Koala. 

Our community is the place where Knowledge can be shared. I am sure other members would learn from your post. 

Thank you again for reaching out and appreciate your understanding on this!