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Re: Client credit may have been used to pay this invoice



how do i know if client has a subscription to BILL PAY Plan? There are a lot of overdue bills and I do not know how to proceed after encoding those bills to qbo.  Note that I am only getting Save | SAVE and New when creating a new Bill. 

Unfortunately paying via check seems to not the option coz I am in Phils and client is in Australia. 

Am so lost becuase there is not an onboarding orientation whatsoever.  


ALSO,  I have attached the Expense tab where I do not see unpaid button. how is that so?







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Re: Client credit may have been used to pay this invoice

Hi ManVi,


Thank you for your response. Recording bill payments in QuickBooks Online is for recording purposes only. However, if you would like to pay the bills, you can do so by enabling batch payments or create ABA files. Once you enable this option and record a bill payment, you can use the ABA file to pay your suppliers from your internet banking account. 


For more detailed information, you may check this article: How to enable batch payments or create ABA Files


Let me know if you have any other questions. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.