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Sales Templates



Further to my previous discussion, please can you advise if my understanding is correct as follows:


1) If we use the invoice templates that accompany our subscription then fields that contain no data (eg. discount or deposits) are not visible when printing, however if we develop our own custom templates then these field are visible even if there are no associated amounts.


2) If we are to use the invoice templates that accompany QuickBooks can we insert different addresses depending on which invoice we use.


Thank you for all your help.


QuickBooks Team

Re: Sales Templates

Good to see you again, Koala.


Yes, fields that doesn't have any data will not be printed if you're using the templates in QBO. On the other hand, fields without data on them will be visible if you're using the template that you've customized and imported. 


Also, you can only use one company address across all invoice templates if you will be using the one provided by QBO. You might want to use the import option so you can add multiple addresses.


I'll be around if you need anything else. 


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Re: Sales Templates

Thank you for the speedy response and confirming whar I thought mat be the case. 


I will revert back to using the QB templates as I do not want fields without data to be visible.


And now I have a problem :-(  sounds like I am going to develop some of our forms outside the system in order to show another address. Can that be achieved and once imported only show fields containing data? (or have a 0 vs blank) 


2), how do the QB templates reflect our different ccurrencies. 


3.. We are yet to go live with QB.  This will occur after migration from Odessey. Can I customise the pre delivered templates and thereafter import to the live system 


4) Is the anything else that I can do prior to migration.


Thank you. .Stepping learning curve and appreciate your help



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Re: Sales Templates

Greetings to you Koala,


If you prefer to avoid empty fields from showing on the form, you can create a custom invoice inside QuickBooks. You can create one style for each address, then make sure to use the right template when recording an invoice.

Here’s how to create a template inside QuickBooks:

  1. Click the Gear icon at the top. 
  2. Select Custom Form Styles.
  3. Click the New style tab and select Invoice. 
  4. Enter your desired template name in the name field under Design tab. 
  5. Go to Content tab and click the header part of the template. 
  6. Select the Address link and unchecked the box for Street address. 
  7. Click on the Custom field  then enter your desired address on one of the field.
  8. Click Done. 

Here’s how to make sure you’re using the right template for the invoice:

  1. When creating an invoice, click Customise at the bottom. 
  2. Select your desired template from the list. 

On the other hand, QuickBooks or imported templates will auto-adjust to your customer’s currency.


Also, you can only transfer reports, chart of accounts and list when migrating to another QuickBooks Online account. You’ll need to download and save your imported templates to your computer and import them again in your live QBO. However, for the templates created inside QuickBooks, you’ll need to recreate them again. 

Take a look at this article for more information about migration:

Feel free to let us know if anything else comes up. 

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Re: Sales Templates

Hi MikD


Thanks once again for everyone support.


You mentioned that I can "create one style for each address, then make sure to use the right template when recording an invoice" which I understood as being that we can enter different addresses for all of our invoices. eg one of our invoices can say Company A Sydney and then another Company B London (for our multicurrency invoices)


However when I try and do it the same address is shown on both sales invoices. 

and how can we represent this on those invoices that cannot be customised eg. Purchases.


Please can you explain where I am going wrong.


Thank you once again for the support and help

Also = is there a way we can remove the bold from item name please

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Re: Sales Templates

Thanks for clarifying everything to me, Koala.

The workaround I’ve provided above will require you to use a custom field for your other addresses. Aside from this, you can also create a location for each of the address. This way, you only need to use one template then just apply your desired location when creating invoice. 

Here’s how to turn on the location feature in QuickBooks:

  1. Click the Gear icon and select Account and Settings. 
  2. Go to Advanced from the left menu. 
  3. Click the pencil icon in the Categories section. 
  4. Put a check mark for the Track locations.
  5. Click Save. 

Once done, create a location for your desired address. Here’s how:

  1. Click Gear icon and select All List under List. 
  2. Select Locations and click the New tab. 
  3. Enter a name for this location. 
  4. Put a check mark for This location has a different address where customers contact me or send payments.
  5. Enter the address and click Save. 

Lastly, here’s how to apply the location on your invoice:

  1. When creating an invoice, click the drop down option for Location. 
  2. Select the location you’ve created (should be the location with the right address).
  3. Click Save. 

Please note that each address should have a different location.

You’re always welcome to visit us anytime you need help. Happy weekend!

Level 3

Re: Sales Templates

Thank you for all your efforts.  :-).


Becoming an expert in your system and very impressed with your speedy response.