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Subtotal is/ is not appearing on our custom invoices

I have created a custom invoice which mapped perfectly :-)


There is inconsistency as to when it is appearing on our invoices using the learn file. I  can create the EXACT same invoice amounts and in same instances the sub total will appear and in others it will not.  Is there any reason why this may occur?


This is also occurring on trial versions both with the custom (external ones) and the QB templates (many of which  do not show the fields)  Not sure what I am doing incorrectly (we do not wish the BAS summary on our invoices)


And one more question :-). Can we remove the bold text from the templates?


Thank you


Re: Subtotal is/ is not appearing on our custom invoices

Hi Koala,


Let's open your custom template to check if the SUBTOTAL is entered as <Subtotal>. Misspelled words in the invoice template won't get synced in QuickBooks. That's the reason why you're not seeing the subtotal in the form. 



Let me share once again an article on how to import custom sales form: Import custom form styles for invoices or estimates


Yes, you can remove the bold text from the templates. 


Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks! 


Level 3

Re: Subtotal is/ is not appearing on our custom invoices

Thank you. I may not have explained myself correctly.


This is occurring intermittently eg on some occasions it shows and others it does not. (hence the fields are orrect) It also is taking place on QB templates (and hence no user error)


Please advise how I can remove the bold text on fields in  the QB templates. I believe it is either on item / product description for sales invoices.  


thank you..  sorry to keep on asking but QB templates  are pretty basic and cannot be customized. Another example is : PO templates where we cannot remove the signed/authorized by words (or can this be done). 



QuickBooks Team

Re: Subtotal is/ is not appearing on our custom invoices

Hi @Koala,


Allow me to step in and share my thoughts about the subtotal field and why this is happening. I also appreciate you for providing more details on what's going on.


Given that the issue happens at random and in both custom and default templates, you can try troubleshooting steps for your browser and see if that helps.


These are:

  1. Clear your browser's cache.
  2. Try your browser's private window.
    • Google Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N
    • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P
    • Internet Explorer: Ctrl + Shift + P
    • Safari: Command + Shift + N
  3. Try a different browser to see if it has the same results.

If you continue to experience this random issue, I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Online Technical Support team for further assistance.


Here's how:

  1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online company.
  2. Click the Help menu.
  3. Select Contact us.

Speaking of possible browser issues, you can spare some time and view this article: QuickBooks Online doesn't load correctly or has blank pages. This includes a lot of unexpected situations when your logged in to QuickBooks.


Have other questions in mind? Or clarifications perhaps? Please feel free to leave a comment below, and I'll get back to you.

Level 1

Re: Subtotal is/ is not appearing on our custom invoices

Hi Koala


Did you ever find a solution for the subtotal not appearing? i am having the same problem




QuickBooks Team

Re: Subtotal is/ is not appearing on our custom invoices

Hello there, @nattitatti


Yes, the recommended solution to fix this issue is to perform basic troubleshooting steps as provided by my peer RyanM above. I'd first suggest performing them. 


However, if the steps above don't make any difference, you'll need the assistance of our Customer Care Team. They can double-check your account, verify the root cause of this issue, and help you fix it. 


You can always go to the Custom Form Styles menu. From there, you can update and delete your existing templates. You can also create a default template so you can apply it to your sales forms. For more details, check out this article: Customise Invoices, Quotes, and Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online


Keep me posted whenever you need further help. Have a great day, @nattitatti


Take care always, 



Level 1

Re: Subtotal is/ is not appearing on our custom invoices

This is happening to me as well. 

I wanted to try using the resident templates for easier editing, but this is a show stopper.

I have a custom invoice that displays the subtotal correctly but the QB temples do not show it.  They show when editing the template, but not when you use it with a real invoice.


QuickBooks Team

Re: Subtotal is/ is not appearing on our custom invoices

Hi there, pjd50368.


A cache full of history and temp files can cause unexpected behaviours, such as QuickBooks templates doesn't show the subtotal correctly.


I suggest logging your QBO account using a private browser (incognito). This way, it confirms if the cache is the cause and to disable it from saving your browsing data.


Please follow the steps provided by my colleague Ryan above on how to use private browser.


Once the subtotal show correctly in QuickBooks templates, I recommend return to your default browser and clear the cache. Clearing it will refresh the system, and you'll be able to work again. However, if the issue persists, try using other supported browsers.


If the issue continue to occur after following the steps above, I recommend contacting our Customer Support Team. They have the tools that can help check the root cause of the issue. You can click the link shared by my peer Raymond on how to contact our QuickBooks Support.


Please don't hesitate to ask if you have other questions. Thanks!