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Where are my invoices on the app

Why can’t I find my invoices on the quickbooks app?
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QuickBooks Team

Where are my invoices on the app

Cache-related issues on the app are likely preventing you from accessing your invoices, jumpfred66.


To resolve the problem and start fresh, let's refresh the app's data. This process will free up storage space without deleting your app's documents and information. I can guide you through the steps.


For Android users


  1. On your phone, navigate to Menu.
  2. Tap More Options and select Settings.
  3. Click the Refresh Data and then choose Yes.


For iOS users


  1. On your phone, go to Settings.
  2. Select General and then choose iPhone Storage.
  3. Tap the QBO app, then click Offload App.


Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the app. Ensure it's up to date to avoid any changes in your experience.


In the meantime, you can access your QBO account and manage your invoices in any web browser.


In case you want to personalize your invoices, check out this article for more guidance: Customise invoices on the QuickBooks Online mobile app.


I'm still ready to back you up if you need additional help accessing your invoices. Just leave a reply, and I'll be there. Stay safe!

Level 1

Where are my invoices on the app

This didn’t change anything. I still don’t have any invoices on the app. It also looks like that in shortcuts where I usually found them has change too?

Level 8

Where are my invoices on the app

Hi jumpfred66-gmail,


Thanks for trying out the trouble shooting steps provided. For us to better assist you, I would recommend contacting our Customer Care Team through chat or phone. For security reasons, we're unable to do that here in the Community. Our customer care team can securely pull up your account and help raise an investigation with the behavior encountered.


Here's how to contact support:


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) company.
  2. Go to the Help menu.
  3. In QB Assistant, enter the topic you need help with. You can also enter questions.
  4. Select Contact Us to connect with a live support agent or phone call.
  5. Choose the Start a chat option or get a phone call.

The Community will always have your back if you need anything else in QBO.