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Import to QuickBooks Time from QuickBooks Desktop using the web connector


  • You will want to perform an import each time you've updated something in QuickBooks that needs to also update in QuickBooks Time (e.g., updated employee name, new customer, etc.).
  • To perform a sync, you must be logged into QuickBooks as the main admin and in single user mode. Also, you must use the computer that the QuickBooks Time integration is set up on.
  •  Performing a sync in the Web Connector performs an import during each sync and an export if there are newly approved timesheets.

How to Import

  1. Open QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) on the same computer.
  2. In QBD, select File Update Web Services.
  3. The Web Connector opens.
  4. Select the appropriate company file, and select Update Selected.

Note: We do not recommend using the "Auto-Run" feature in the Web Connector. If it is absolutely necessary, then set the frequency for 60 minutes or greater. ​

See also: QuickBooks Desktop Integration Frequently Asked Questions

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