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CODE for Purchase order number

if [Invoice No.] changes the invoice number every new invoice.

what is the code/script for purchase orders. is it [Purchase Order No.]

is there any other codes i can use to improve my QBO

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QuickBooks Team

CODE for Purchase order number

Hi coolheatairconditioning-


Could you let me know what you are trying to do so I can better assist you? I am not sure what you mean by code, from the context, it looks like you are customising forms, but please let me know so I can provide the best solution. 


Keep me posted.



Level 2

CODE for Purchase order number

When sending Invoice Email: the subject line should allow to add a code to insert the PO# like in QB 2020

  [PO Number: Customer-PO-No] 


CODE for Purchase order number

It's nice to see you in the Community forum, @enieves. I would like to express my appreciation for sharing your suggestion, and I'll be glad to share insights about the subject line that allows you to add code to insert the PO# when sending invoices in QuickBooks.


 At this time, adding the code to insert the PO# when sending invoices is unavailable. I understand that this option can help personalise the invoice and show only the information you want to display. 


For now, I suggest submitting feedback directly to our product engineers. This way, they may look into this suggestion and consider adding the option in future updates. To submit feedback, you can click the Gear icon, select Feedback, and click Next.


I'll be sharing these resources that will help you personalise your sales forms and view, create, and edit transactions in QuickBooks:



I'm still available if you require any additional help with issuing an invoice in QuickBooks Online or any concerns. Stay safe and have a good one!


Level 2

CODE for Purchase order number

Thanks for your response. I have created a feedback with my suggestion.


I am very frustrated with switching from QB Desktop 2020 to QB Online. It does not feel like an upgrade, when some basic features we had in the older version of QB are no longer available in QB online.