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View total hours worked in QuickBooks Time

There are many ways you can see how much time you've worked by viewing your timesheets or checking total hours.
Note: The options available to you may depend on the permissions granted by your administrator.



  1. Go to Time Entries > Timesheets.
  2. Choose the date range (Week, Month, etc.) at the top, then jump backward or forward in time using < and > to view all your timesheets.

Payroll Report

  1. Go to Reports > Payroll Report.
  2. Choose your date range and if you would like to view your hours in Hours and Minutes (HH:MM) or Decimals, then select Run Report.
  3. Your time totals display at the top.
  4. Select your name to view your individual timesheets for your given date range.

Manual Time Card

  1. Go to Time Entries > Manual Time Card.
  2. Using the arrows at the top of the manual time card, select the week. The total number of hours worked each day displays at the bottom of each column. The total number of hours worked for the week displays at the bottom of the far-right column.



  1. In QuickBooks Time, tap Overview.
  2. Tap WEEK TOTAL or PAY PERIOD at the top to view your total hours for each option.


  1. In QuickBooks Time, tap Timesheets.
  2. Your timesheets are listed here, with the most recent at the top. Scroll to view all your timesheets up to the last three months.

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