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Find out the rate for a ProAdvisor

Learn how to find out a ProAdvisor's rate.

Are you looking for the rate a ProAdvisor charges? Or are you a ProAdvisor trying to find out what other ProAdvisors charge? The only way to get this information is to talk to a specific ProAdvisor. We explain why in the article below.


How are rates set?

To find a rate a ProAdvisor charges, or to find a local fee comparison, you have to talk to a ProAdvisor. The cost of a service performed by a ProAdvisor is determined only by the ProAdvisor.

Many different factors are considered when setting a rate, including:

  • The activity or service performed
  • The time frame in which the activity or service must be completed
  • The level of experience needed for the service
  • The training the ProAdvisor has or needs
  • The average cost of services in the area

Because these factors differ for each ProAdvisor, we don't post rates for services on ProAdvisor websites.

Looking for help?

If you are looking for help from a ProAdvisor, you can find one at

If you are a ProAdvisor, you can speak with other ProAdvisors in our ProAdvisor Community Forum

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