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QuickBooks Price Changes 4th February 2020

Which QuickBooks product prices are changing? 

All QuickBooks subscriptions will see a change in pricing. All prices include GST.

Product Current list price List price from 4th February 2020 Wholesale price from 4th February 2020
QuickBooks Online Simple Start $15/month $20/month $10/month
QuickBooks Online Essentials $30/month $35/month $17.50/month
QuickBooks Online Plus $40/month $50/month $25/month

When does the new pricing take effect?

These pricing changes will take effect from 4th February 2020. You will see this change on your first billing date after 4th February.

All QuickBooks Online subscriptions purchased between 3rd August 2019 and 4th February 2020 will be covered by our 6 month price protection. Your price will not increase until month 7 of your subscription.

Why are you increasing prices?

Since our launch in Australia 6 years ago in 2013, this is the first time we have raised the price of Self-employed and Simple Start. QuickBooks remains one the most competitively priced cloud accounting solutions in the market. We will continue to invest in the latest innovation as well as best-in-class support with our multi award winning team. 

How are you telling customers about the prices changes? 

Small business customers will be informed of these changes via email from 4th December 2019. If you would like to discuss this further please contact us.

Can I change my plan? 

Yes, you can downgrade or upgrade your wholesale subscription at any time. Simply visit the Billing and Subscription section of your account to view or change your current plan. 

Any plan change to a discounted subscription will result in the discount being removed from the date of the change.

I have a discounted subscription - will the price changes affect me? 

If you are on a discount subscription/offer, we will honour the discount until the end of the discount period. The new price will take effect on the first bill after your discount period has ended, post 4th February 2020.

Any plan change to a discounted subscription will result in the discount being removed from the date of the  change.

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