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How can I export a report from the QB app?

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How can I export a report from the QB app?

This is a good product suggestion, kgeorgiou66.


While we can view reports in the app, exporting it isn't available. That said, I'll bring up this idea with our Development team. 


In the meantime, we can log into our QuickBooks account in a web browser. From there, we can export the report. Let me guide you with these steps:


  1. Go to this page:
  2. Enter your Email or User ID and Password.
  3. Click the Reports tab.
  4. Enter the report you wanted to export.
  5. Click the Customize button if needed, and then Run report.
  6. Click the Export icon.


You can also check these articles for the available reports included in your subscription:



Please let me know if you have additional product suggestions. I'll be sure to take notes and add them to the details.