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Credit card removed due to inactivity

I've just tried to do my fortnightly payrun and I get the above error message.  I logged in and approved timesheets but can't create a new payrun.  Any ideas?

The credit card is not used or linked to payrun in any way.  Now it is saying I have to create fingerprints to use an existing card.  I don't want to do that.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Credit card removed due to inactivity

I've checked our file and didn't see any cases similar to yours, Lexiegirl.


This unexpected behavior is probably caused by too much cache. Let's isolate this issue. To start with, let's open QuickBooks using an incognito window. This is the best place to isolate web issues. If you're able to create a new payrun from there, go back to your main browser, then clear the cache. This will help the program to load without any errors.


Moreover, using a different browser resolves issues like this (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox).


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