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Custom Fields on Custom Invoice Templates

I have added a custom field "RE:" in the Invoice input screen to capture the name of the project the invoice is in reference to. This works great if/when I use one of the standard QuickBooks invoice templates. However, we are looking to import a .docx template to match the company's existing invoice layout. Is there a way to connect this custom field to the .docx import file for this to work on my custom template?



I thought maybe I could leave this area blank on my template, and then just add it in after the invoices was created, but there isn't an easy way for me to edit the body of an Invoice in QB. I have to export to a .PDF, open it in Word, make the edits, save that version and then re-upload it to QB. Once I go through all that trouble to get it back into the system, it will still only be an attachment to the email that is sent via QB. The linked invoice from the system would be inaccurate. 


Is there a workaround out there? I need to either add the custom field to the merge template or have a good way of editing the Invoice that gets auto-generated. HELP! 

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QuickBooks Team

Custom Fields on Custom Invoice Templates

Hi wernickjake, 


What a great question! When you are creating your custom invoice template you can add a section for Custom Fields. These will map to your Custom Fields in the preparation of your Invoices. 


The dynamic text required is <customfield1> or 2 or 3 depending on what is required. 


You will see your field customfield1 mapping to the QuickBooks field Custom Field 1. 


Please let me know if you have any questions about this.